December 16, 2015

Turkey Provokes Russia

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The summary execution of a Russian pilot in his chute is testimony to the caliber and cowardice of US allies like Turkey and so-called Turkomen "moderate" rebels.
The NATO shoot down was one of two things, an unfortunate accident or a shot across Russia’s bow, indeed, a dangerous provocation. The evidence supports the latter. After all, the Russians are in Syria by invitation, the US and Turkey are not. Vladimir Putin characterized the incident as a “stab in the back” committed by “accomplices of terrorists.” The Russian president may be correct this time, on both counts.
Perfidy is the most likely explanation of the SU-24 incident, but incompetence might still be in the running. Ash Carter and his merry band of flaccid flags at the Pentagon are not having a winning season.
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The truth about northern Syria today is that it is a multinational pig sty of Muslim opportunists most of whom will sell their gun to the highest bidder.
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Both the Islamic State and Ankara hypocrites are benefiting from the black market oil bazaar now flourishing between Syria and Turkey. Murky oil trafficking by Turks is now on a par with the opium trade in Afghanistan, corrosive obscenities that team Kerry/Obama chose to ignore -- or protect.
Ex-deputy chief of CIA, Michael Morell claims that USAF doesn’t bomb the Turkish/ISIS oil cartel because of Obama administration environmental angst. Morell, you may recall, was the Intelligence sycophant who fashioned the Benghazi cover up with Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Morell, now spinning news at CBS, is a walking, talking symptom of the Peter Principle at work in CIA in particular and the Intelligence Community writ large.
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The two most effective fighting forces in Syria are ISIS and the Kurds. Turkey fears that a Kurdish led victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq will underwrite the legitimacy of Kurdistan. Alas, Turkey and ISIS interests on the ground are joined by perfidy.
Those Russian airstrikes expose the worst kept secret in Mesopotamia. As with Turkish air strikes against the Kurds, team Obama is content to ignore the ISIS/Ankara axis. Indeed, these days, Turkey is a NATO ally in the same sense that AIDS is the antidote to pneumonia.

December 2, 2015
Perfidious Turkey
By G. Murphy Donovan

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