December 15, 2015

Sex Crimes Increase on New York City Subways

Crowded subway cars can make passengers vulnerable to gropers, flashers and voyeurs.
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Sex crimes on the city’s subways have soared by nearly 20 percent this year, due to a surge in the number of gropers, flashers and voyeurs, NYPD officials said on Monday.
“I think everyone has a subway horror story,’’ said straphanger Ashley Ezparda, 27, of Jackson Heights, Queens,
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The most common offenses are forcible touching, lewdness and unwanted surveillance, NYPD Deputy Chief Vincent Coogan told MTA officials at a meeting.
Coogan said the rising number of complaints stems partly from riders getting more serious about inappropriate behavior and reporting it.
He said cops have been able to make arrests in more than half the cases — an increase in busts — because more straphangers are snapping cellphone photos of perpetrators.
For example, earlier this month, police were able to arrest a Level 3 sex offender — the most dangerous — because one of his victims took his photo as he grabbed women aboard trains and on platforms, Coogan said.
The vigilant straphanger, whom the creep smacked from beneath a bench slat at Columbus Circle on Nov. 27, promptly handed her cellphone shot over to cops, and officers then spotted him preying on another woman a week later in the same crowded station, the deputy chief said.
The suspect, Roger Reid — who has 31 previous arrests, almost all for subway sex crimes — was promptly busted.

City subways are a pervert’s paradise
By Danielle Furfaro and Frank Rosario
New York Post
December 15, 2015 | 1:12am

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