December 12, 2015

Republican Trump Derangement Syndrome Misguided

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What Trump's Republican detractors don't realize is that their Trump Derangement Syndrome is playing directly into the left's hands. That's because the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, overwhelmed by the Islamic terrorist threat whose name they lack the moral courage to even utter, use the GOP's vociferous condemnation of Trump to distract Americans from the Democrats' abject failures.
It's perfectly reasonable for Trump's rivals to voice their disagreements with Trump. But there's a fine line between disagreeing with and joining the Democrats and the media in obsessively denouncing a single candidate.
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Donald Trump's plan is dominating the news in spite of the fact that it will never materialize. Meanwhile, the Islamic terror threat that materialized on U.S. soil mere days ago is being ignored.
And this is precisely what Obama, Clinton, and their media allies want.
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Polls overwhelmingly show that Americans don't have any confidence in Obama's anti-terrorism strategy. But instead of exploiting this glaring weakness, Republican candidates and pundits are frantically denouncing a candidate who has never held political office.
This is counterproductive to the common cause of educating Americans about Obama's failures, and it serves as a unique impetus for Obama and Clinton to advance the mendacious narrative that Donald Trump's rhetoric is aiding and abetting ISIS.
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Obama does this because as a doctrinaire leftist, he believes that Western civilization in general and the U.S. in particular are ultimately responsible for most of the world's ills. The general thesis of his infamous 2009 Middle East apology tour was that if only the U.S. would stop doing all these bad things, world peace would take root. The fact that the world is far more dangerous now than when Obama was inaugurated represents the definitive refutation of this thesis.

December 12, 2015
Donald Trump Isn't the Problem. Trump Derangement Syndrome Is.
By Eugene Slaven

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