December 14, 2015

Psychiatry Increasing Business With Addiction Services

Psychiatry is personal opinion masquerading as science. There is no pathology. Illnesses are defined as protected, legal speech and behavior that psychiatrists do not like or do not understand. They make false claims in order to appear as scientific, e.g., psychiatric illnesses are a chemical imbalance of the brain. When challenged the Amer. Psychiatric Ass'n was unable to provide evidence of any chemical imbalance or a chemical balance. It is a granfalloon, a major taxpayer funded boondoggle. A method of social control with no due process protections. Psychiatrists predict the future in courts, and are never held accountable for their errors. This by design to remove accountability from judges.

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Mortality rates are rising among less educated, late-middle-aged white Americans. Drugs and alcohol and suicide are the leading causes of the spike. Coincidently, church attendance in America has been in decline for some time.
Is there a correlation between the two? Do therapy and medications merely treat the symptoms of soul-sickness, while the untreated soul metastasizes into isolation, darkness, and despair?
The mental health industry has eased itself into our schools, our courts and prisons, the workplace, our homes and families, while easing prayer and religion out.
Mental health experts and drug companies are now the default provider for the treatment of society’s deadliest and costliest ills.
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Teenagers receive therapy and medication to cope with the normal pains of growing up.
Schools have grief counselors on speed-dial should a young person be lost to suicide, while men and women of the cloth specially trained to comfort the afflicted are unceremoniously ignored.
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All the while, free will and personal responsibility have gone by the wayside.
All this treatment would be fine, except that it isn’t doing much good.
Adolescent heroin addiction is an epidemic. Mental health claims are driving the explosion of Social Security disability claims.

December 14, 2015
Neurosis or soul sickness?
By Gerald K. McOscar

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