December 14, 2015

Islamic State Issues Order To Kill Disabled Babies

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According to the Iraqi activist blog Mosul Eye, sharia judges have ruled that ISIS followers are authorized to kill infants with Down Syndrome or congenital deformities. Already since the religious decree (fatwa) was issued, militants have killed at least 38 children between one week and three months old by lethal injection or suffocation.
In a post on the Mosul Eye Facebook page, the group claims that any child with a disability is now at risk of being killed, and released a brief video showing disabled children. The killings reportedly took place in ISIS strongholds in Syria and Mosul, the northern Iraqi city seized by ISIS in June 2014.

Islamic State Issues Fatwa Against Children with Down Syndrome, Murders 38 Disabled Infants
14 Dec 2015

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ISIS have issued a fatwa which orders children with Down's syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in a chilling echo to the workings of the Nazis, it is claimed.
Sharia judges have apparently ruled that ISIS followers are authorised to 'kill newborn babies with Down's Syndrome or congenital deformities and disabled children' in their latest sickening act.
More than 38 children born with deformities and Down's syndrome, aged between one week and three months, have already been killed by lethal injection or suffocation, according to Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye.
The organisation, which released the a video report highlighting the depraved acts, said the killings took place in ISIS strongholds in Syria and Mosul, northern Iraq.[. . .]
Mosul Eye said it monitored the deaths of children born with Down's syndrome and found they are mostly those of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women.
The group said during its investigation it discovered that the fatwa was issued by one of Islamic State's Sharia judges, a Saudi judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi.

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PUBLISHED: 01:42 EST, 14 December 2015 | UPDATED: 06:12 EST, 14 December 2015

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