December 12, 2015

Gingrich Interviewed On Muslim Terrorists

Former US House Speaker, Newt Gingrich

[From interview]
But ISIS itself is a term that has very limited meaning. We’re in a war with the international effort to create Islamic supremacism.
[. . .]
as early as December of 2001, I was out at the CIA counterterrorism center and they were briefing me. And I said what’s the size of the potential recruiting base. And they said, oh, 3 - 5 percent of Islam. At that time, that was 39 - 65 million people. And I said what’s your target set at. They said about 5,000 people in Al Qaeda. Well, if you’re targeting 5,000 but the real recruiting base in 65 million you clearly don’t have the right sized strategy and you don’t have the right sized approach. So that’s part of why I wrote Duplicity to make the case that this is a virus. This is much more like Ebola. You have to think of it as an epidemiology problem and you have to say to yourself, how am I going to track down and defeat this ideology everywhere that it appears.
[. . .]
We’re actually 36 years into the world created by Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979. And remember, Jimmy Carter at one point suspended all visas to anybody from Iran in an effort to isolate Iran. So this has been a long fight and we still haven’t had the courage to come to grips with it. This administration should be massively helping Jordan, which is our most stable ally in the region. This administration ought to at least have the guts to recognize, as you just reported in the last section, that the guy wielding knives in California while carrying a flag ISIS is a terrorist. I mean, if the President of the United States can’t say that’s a terrorist, there is no possibility that this president has a clue about the real world.
[that supposes the White House is trying to protect the nation and its people.]
[author comments]
To assume Obama has no clue about the real world is, in my view, much too forgiving. I believe Obama absolutely has a clue about the real world and has a worldview that does not favor America.
[. . .]
why is it that ordinary Americans understand the grave and growing threat we face, yet our elected officials (including most Republicans) seem utterly lost and/or if clued in at all, merely nibble around the edges?
If we are to survive, our leaders and future leaders must do better. Much better. [. . .] The Islamic world knows what it wants and is going after it in any and all ways.
Who appears most committed to this 1400 year old battle of Islam vs. civilization? Because that’s who will win.

December 12, 2015
Gingrich speaks out against Islamic supremacism
By Carol Brown

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