December 16, 2015

Failure Of Multiculturalism

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Trump's assertion that Muslims celebrated in New Jersey after 9/11 has caused an ongoing media controversy that cuts to a bitter truth: the multicultural project has been, and continues to be, an utter failure. What could be more dispositive of this assertion than fellow citizens celebrating after our experiencing the most dastardly attack in our history?
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Multiculturalism has failed in many facets and to many degrees. It has become a question of whether we'll awkwardly coexist as estranged neighbors, as Robert Putnam described in Bowling Alone, or whether it will turn to outright violence. Either outcome is not ideal. This is despite the image of an alternate reality presented on TV in ads, mindless television shows, and other narrative perpetuators. Those who lead sheltered lives are content to believe in this alternate reality, undisturbed by the more sinister, actual sociological circumstances, which from time to time cannot be ignored even by the most disengaged Americans.
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In its coverage of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Univision lamented [. . .] If the attacker is white, the diagnosis is mental illness rather than terrorism, Univision complained, whereas if the attacker is Muslim and screams Allah akbar, it is so ignorantly presumed to be terrorism.

December 7, 2015
Terrorism and the Multiculturalism Experiment
By Malcolm Unwell

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