March 15, 2016

Fleeing Chicago Suspect Shot Dead After Shooting Three Policemen

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The 29-year-old man who was killed after shooting three Chicago Police officers Monday night was a felon with a gun conviction in his background, police said Tuesday.
Lamar Harris fired at the officers with an illegal handgun that was recovered at the scene of the West Side shooting, said Anthony Guglielmi, the chief spokesman for the police department.
All three officers survived. Fellow cops with special training to treat bullet wounds in the field rushed to the scene to assist the wounded officers. They were carrying first-aid kits and bandages to give preliminary care to the officers until the Chicago Fire Department arrived, Guglielmi said.
“It helped, I was told,” Guglielmi said of the first aid provided by the officers, who had received Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training.
None of the officers had life-threatening injuries.

Chicago Police say Lamar Harris was killed Monday after shooting at and wounding three CPD officers. 
Cook County Sheriff’s Office photo

Harris, whose criminal record includes arrests under the aliases Jason Gibson and Lamont Harris, had seven felony convictions and 43 arrests on his rap sheet, Guglielmi said.
Harris was facing charges of methamphetamine delivery and a hearing was scheduled in his case later this month, records show.
In 2012, he was convicted of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and resisting police officers and sentenced to four years in prison. He received almost 600 days’ credit for time already served in the Cook County Jail.
Shortly before 10 p.m., four officers were investigating suspected narcotics sales in the 3700 block of South Polk in the Homan Square neighborhood and saw Harris and woman in a “known drug area,” Guglielmi said.
Harris ran into a dark gangway and officers chased him, authorities said.
When they tried to stop him, Harris turned around and opened fire on the officers, striking three of them, police said.
At least one officer returned fire and killed Harris, police said.

03/15/2016, 08:25am
Chicago Police: 29-year-old man who shot three cops was felon
By Frank Main, Stefano Esposito, Sam Charles

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