March 21, 2016

Major Drug Busts in NY, MA and NH. Scores Arrested, Guns, Crack Cocaine, Shootings Alleged

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‘RECKLESS BRUTALITY’: Guns, drugs and cash, above, are displayed yesterday in New York as officials, including New York City police Commissioner William Bratton, center, described how Bronx gang members ‘preyed on countless addicted users’ in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

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More than 80 thugs who “wreaked havoc” throughout borough neighborhoods for years were nabbed in the biggest drug gang takedown in Bronx history, officials said Thursday.
A total of 84 perps from four gangs known as The Eden Boys, Miami Ave, UGZ and RGZ were charged in a 386-count indictment that included conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, attempted murder and weapons charges, officials said.
They are allegedly connected to 22 shootings in the west Bronx that resulted in the wounding of three bystanders.
The gang members — with nicknames like “Problem,” “Crash,” “Bully,” “Whiteboy” and “Casper” — flooded towns in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Jersey in a drug pipeline pedaling crack cocaine, heroin and Fentanyl for quadruple the street price in the city, officials said.
Fifty-eight of the alleged drug pushers were charged as major traffickers, which carries up to life in prison if convicted. A sole gang member — identified as Wilfred Lora — is being charged in connection with 11 attempted murders, according to officials.
In announcing the charges, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the gangsters “wreaked havoc” on the Bronx neighborhoods of Fordham, Tremont and Highbridge and “went to great lengths to push their narcotics poison outside New York, preying on countless addicted users in my home state of Massachusetts and as far north as New Hampshire.”
“It’s ironic these characters, some of them chose the name ‘Eden Boys’ for themselves, because while they were a long way from paradise, their behavior was certainly forbidden,” Bratton said.
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The investigation revealed that crew members were transporting crack cocaine and heroin as far north as Manchester, NH, and trading the drugs for weapons that were being bought back to the Bronx from Manchester.
Crew members were selling about $10,000 worth of crack a week, officials said.

Over 80 thugs nabbed in massive NYC drug bust
By Larry Celona, Reuven Fenton and Natalie Musumeci
March 10, 2016 | 2:12pm | Updated
New York Post

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The “largest gang takedown in Bronx history” has shut down a drug pipeline that was flooding Cape Cod and New Hampshire with heroin and cocaine, with cash and guns headed back to the Big Apple, authorities said.
Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark said a total of 84 suspects have been indicted in what she called “an alliance of evil”
between four gangs.
“With reckless brutality, these four gangs battled on the streets of the Bronx over drug profits made in New England, or purely for the sake of violence, sometimes trapping innocent bystanders in the crossfire,” Clark said. “One defendant alone is being charged in connection with 11
attempted murders. These gangs trafficked narcotics to Manchester and Massachusetts and brought firearms back here. Their greed was matched only by their ferocity.”
New York City police Commissioner William Bratton — Boston’s former police commissioner — said the gangs wreaked “havoc” on the Bronx.
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Fernando Guimaraes, an NYPD deputy inspector assigned to the drug enforcement strike force, told the Herald that between 2012 and 2014, members of a Bronx gang made weekly trips to Bourne and Wareham using discount bus lines as well as cars that belonged to their customers.
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Keith Kruskall, Drug Enforcement Administration associate special agent in charge of the New York Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Strike Force, told the Herald that in New Hampshire, six residents were indicted and four are under arrest.
“Crack cocaine was the main drug, but they also trafficked heroin and fentanyl. They took the bus or they would drive down themselves weekly and bring back a half-kilo at a time,” he said.
In a year, the six managed to traffic roughly 28 kilos of crack and
5 kilos of heroin, Guimaraes said.
Cops seized 15 firearms in the roundup, which Kruskall said were all traceable to New England.
The 84 suspects are charged with a total of 386 counts,
including conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, attempted murder and weapons charges. Fifty-eight of them, including the six from New Hampshire, are charged as major traffickers, which carries up to life in prison if convicted.

DA: ‘Alliance of Evil’ drug bust nabs 66
O’Ryan Johnson
Friday, March 11, 2016
Boston Herald

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