March 25, 2016

Brooklyn, NY Radical Muslim, Charged With Attempted Murder of Policeman, Other Felonies

Clockwise left to right: Frederick Funes, Officer Andrew Yurkiw, and Officer William Reddin.
Photo: AP, Stony Brook Athletics, Riyad Hasan

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A Brooklyn man accused of shooting and wounding two cops in the name of radical Islam was indicted Thursday for first degree attempted murder of a police officer, attempted aggravated murder, and a slew of other charges.
Frederick “Jamaal” Funes, 34, faces 50 years to life in prison after opening fire on officers Andrew Yurkiw and William Reddin during an early morning pursuit on Feb. 20, after they responded to reports of shots fired around Bed-Stuy and Bushwick.
When the officers arrived around 3:20 a.m., Funes was driving recklessly — at one point speeding the wrong way down a one way seat.
As he sped away, Funes pointed a silver gun at various people he passed — including two uniformed officers and an MTA worker.
He eventually t-boned into a marked police car, and then opened fire on surrounding officers, who shot back.
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Funes, who was hit by multiple rounds during the shootout, has spent the last month hospitalized and recovering from his injuries. He became radicalized during a stint in an out-of-state prison, according to sources.

Radical Islamist charged with shooting two NYPD cops
By Emily Saul
New York Post
March 24, 2016 | 5:14pm

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