March 25, 2016

Cambridge, MA City Councilor Cozies Up To Harvard University PR Flack

Harvard's PR flack, whose mission is to protect the image of his client, says with City Councilor Devereux, the relationship of Harvard with the City is "amicable." That translates into see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Violations of city, state and US laws are ignored due to Obama-Holder doctrine, which makes inconvenient laws optional; but also the special "amicable" relationship. Devereux adds “Cambridge really doesn’t have a say when dealing with Allston-Brighton," But that never stops this wide ranging, jurisdiction free, council from opining on labor issues from Oakland, California to the Doubletree Hotel in Allston owned by Harvard. The new councilor fits right in with the relaxed rectitude of the council.

[From article]
Devereux and Lucey each described an amicable relationship between the city and Harvard in recent years, striking a different tone than in years past.
“In the old days, in some cases there was more friction,” Devereux said. “At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of town-gown friction with Harvard specifically.”
[. . .]
“Cambridge really doesn’t have a say when dealing with Allston-Brighton,"

Chair of City Council’s University Relations Committee Meets with Harvard
March 24, 2016

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