March 23, 2016

Trump Is From New York City, Not New England, Not Washington DC

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For Americans who favor Donald Trump, their choice can be summarized in two words: Trump Fights. We haven’t seen a fighting Republican since Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. But we’ve seen plenty of abject surrenders covered by abject lies. The GOP establishment has enough cozy compromises running that they are shocked to see a fighting Republican.
According to Stacey Dash “Donald Trump is not violent, he’s street.”
“There’s a lot of talk about Donald Trump being violent, condoning it, or at least inciting it. But this is a total misread of our next President. …he’s not violent, he’s just “street.” He was born in Queens. …growing up there in New York made me see the world in a certain way.
Actions have consequences.
Rude people are not tolerated.
If you attack me, I’ll come back at you twice at hard.”
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With “leaders” like Obama and Hillary you don’t need enemies. They fill that role already. Trouble is, we also have deadly enemies Obama and Hillary will not name.
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The trouble with Obama is that you can’t even trust his symbolic surrenders. He may just shaft you anyway.
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Queensboro Bridge, also known as the 59th Street Bridge for which there is a song, i.e., the 59th Street Bridge song. It is now known as the Edward Koch Bridge, named for the former Mayor, "How'm I doin?"

It always seems strange that so many Lefties sincerely hate this country. But I keep meeting them. It shows the power of indoctrination and self-delusion. We are no longer a country of free and open debate. Mass media turn human beings into cult robots.
For decades all the public aggression has come from the Left, and the Trumpistas can see Trump fighting back. No other candidate has done that.
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Obama and the Left follow the Alinsky war manual: Make the enemy stick with his own rules. It worked against Romney, who acted like a gentleman in gangsterland. As if Marquess of Queensberry rules ever worked against the Obamas of this world. Now Trump is turning Alinsky tactics against the Left, and they are screaming holy hell.
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But if you think Trump is an out-of-control maniac you haven’t been to Queens lately.
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As usual, Obama is helping our enemies. When Putin invaded Georgia, Ukraine, the Crimea and Syria, one after the other, our least qualified president in history did exactly nothing. Under Hillary and Obama, NATO committed unprovoked aggression against Libya, which posed no threat to anyone, leading to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths that are still increasing today. ISIS is now said to be embedded in Libya. The only remaining question is whether the Libyan invasion was folly or criminal villainy. Like most of Obama’s actions it was (and is) a fiasco.
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Donald Trump celebrating New York City

Domestically, Obama has shown endless contempt for public order, making Trump supporters feel personally endangered. Which is true, if they live in Baltimore or Ferguson or the Bronx, but not in Beverly Hills or Upper Manhattan. Obama’s actions are not just racist, but also classist. He is an Arrugula Liberal.
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Obama is driven by a gut need to avenge long-ago sins like slavery, a fact that shows how deeply he is entangled in fantasy. Obama’s crowd knows nothing about the real history of human slavery, but like Jerry Wright, they are still steeped in rage against perfectly innocent white folks who were born a hundred years after slavery was abolished in the United States and in British Colonies -- but not in Africa, Arabia, South America and Russia. The “civil rights” movement, which is no longer civil or about rights, consistently wipes those inconvenient facts from memory.

March 19, 2016
Trump Fights
By James Lewis

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