March 23, 2016

Israeli Soldiers Speak About Hateful Propaganda That Makes Their Job Difficult and More Dangerous

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Sometimes it appears that the world is going back to the dark times of the Holocaust era. Just last month, Iran, flush with cash from the sanctions relief, announced that they will give slain Palestinian terrorists $7000 if they become “martyrs of the intifada in occupied Jerusalem.” Since the Palestinian knifing attacks have started, thirty-four Israelis have been killed and 404 injured, with 202 stabbings/attempted attacks, 83 shootings, and 42 vehicular (ramming) attacks.
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Regarding the stabbings, not only is Army personnel attacked, but also civilians, mothers, and children. The minute they know it’s an Israeli, it’s a Jew, they attack them. We want to protect ourselves and it is difficult because you can’t judge someone who is under attack, if he made the right decision by killing the attacker or by running away. It is very difficult to judge someone when you haven’t been in that situation yourself.”
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Yet, they still make every effort to reduce collateral damage that includes dropping leaflets and text messaging. This not only puts the Israeli soldiers in more danger, but also eliminates the tactical element of surprise.
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Another important point all wanted to make is how much they feel a comradeship with those serving in the American military. While on tour in America they met with many U.S. soldiers including those in the ROTC program. They told of obvious differences and similarities.
The main difference is that the IDF must fight and confront the enemy on their actual borders. They are in battle for their country’s survival.
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Also, discussed is the disconnect between American society and those serving. About 98% of Americans do not know anyone in the armed services or a family member. Everybody in Israel knows someone who has served, is currently serving, and has been touched by tragedy. The image of the Israeli soldier is that those serving are everyone’s children. There is a much stronger awareness of what they and their family members must go through and sacrifice.
Asked about the similarities, all feel that the IDF and the American military forces share the same goals. They are highly motivated to serve their country and believe they are fighting for the values of freedom, democracy, and to protect their fellow countrymen.

March 19, 2016
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out
By Elise Cooper

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