March 25, 2016

Palestinians At Brussels Memorial, Tear Up and Cover Up Israeli Flag With Palestinian Flag

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Video emerged Thursday of a hijab-wearing woman tearing up an Israeli flag at a makeshift memorial for victims of the Brussels terror attacks.
French RTL television captured the disturbing images of the incident at the central Brussels landmark Place de la Bourse, The Jerusalem Post reported.
The woman is seen lifting a Palestinian flag and then ripping an Israeli flag to shreds.
She then hides the pieces under other flags and walks off.
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In another video posted on Facebook, a man is seen removing a Palestinian flag from a pole and then using it to cover an Israeli flag on the ground at a memorial site.
Among those decrying the video was one who posted: “This is disgusting. I was going to ask why no one stops them, foolish question. There is no stopping these attacks now. We will see more and more of them.”

Woman in hijab rips up Israeli flag at Brussels memorial
By Yaron Steinbuch
New York Post
March 24, 2016 | 3:50pm

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This is the shocking moment a woman removes an Israeli flag from a Brussels memorial and rips it up, before hiding the pieces away underneath another flag.
A French-language station captured the footage at the shrine set up at Brussels' Place de la Bourse.
During the clip, which is just over one minute long, a woman wearing a hijab, a brown coat and a scarf picks up a Palestinian flag from the candle-lit vigil and takes it over to an Israeli flag.
She bends down to pick up the blue and white Israeli flag and begins ripping it up, before placing the pieces beneath another flag, which looks as though it could be the symbol of Georgia.
The woman then walks off out of shot, with not one of the many onlookers approaching her to question her over her shocking actions.
It is unclear whether she has placed the Palestinian flag in the Israeli flag's place, however you can see that she is no longer carrying it when she walks away.
The French-language station does not refer to the women's actions and instead the discussion that can be heard is about the official memorial marches and ceremonies in Paris.
This shocking video is not the only time an Israeli flag has been tampered with at the memorial.
Another clip shows a man, wearing beige trousers, a black hooded jacket and gloves, walking into the middle of the candle-lit memorial.
He picks up a Palestinian flag and places it over the Israeli flag so it can no longer be seen. Once again, there are many onlookers but although some people can be heard saying 'no, no, no', nobody takes action.

Shocking video shows hijab-wearing woman TEARING UP Israeli flag at Brussels memorial to the dead
French-language station captured the footage taken at Place de la Bourse
Woman picks up Palestinian flag and carries it over to Israeli one
She then takes Israel's flag and tears it up before hiding the ripped pieces
Another video shows man placing Palestinian flag on top of Israeli one
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PUBLISHED: 15:05 EST, 24 March 2016 | UPDATED: 05:33 EST, 25 March 2016

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