March 20, 2016

White House Policy Enabled Illegal Alien To Remain in US, and Kill Five In Kansas

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino 
Photo (Missouri State Highway Patrol)
[From article]
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) failed on two occasions last year to detain and deport a 46-year-old illegal alien who is accused of slaughtering five strangers with an AK-47 in Kansas and Missouri earlier this week.
It was reported early Wednesday that the suspect in the killings, Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, slipped through ICE hands following a traffic arrest in September in Overland Park, Kan. ICE erroneously filed a request to detain the Mexican national — who had been deported in 2004 — with the Johnson Co., Kan. sheriff’s office. But that agency never had Serrano-Vitorino in its custody so he went free.
Egregious enough, it has since come to light that ICE was notified in June that Serrano-Vitorino had been arrested in Wyandotte, Co. for domestic battery.
An ICE spokeswoman said Wednesday that the agency “regrets the error,” which allowed Serrano-Vitorino to remain in the Kansas City area, where is accused of using an AK-47 to murder his neighbor and three of that man’s friends on Monday. He is also suspected of killing a New Florence, Mo. man in his home on Tuesday.

Feds Missed Not One BUT TWO Chances To Deport Illegal Alien Accused Of Slaughtering Five
11:15 PM 03/10/2016

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