March 21, 2016

Cook Report On Effect Of Trump Nomination On Congressional Races

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The Cook Political Report, a respected political newsletter, has issued its latest overview of US House races and it's not good news for Republicans.
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In this political season when conventional wisdom has been turned on its head. the assumption that the GOP majority in the House was safe can no longer be taken for granted. The Democrats need 30 seats to take control, and as the newsletter points out, that may be doable if candidates as polarizing as Trump or Ted Cruz end up the nominee.
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Aside from Speaker Paul Ryan's condemnations, Trump's behavior and statements have been met with deafening and puzzling silence from many House Republicans, including many in swing districts.
This week, GOP Rep. Tom Reed became the first House Republican from a swing seat to endorse Trump, noting "As the people vote, it has become clear more Republicans favor Donald Trump than any other candidate" and urging his supporters to unite behind the front-runner.
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Cook is one of the few pundits who caught the GOP waves of 2010 and 2014, so despite all the hedging, his belieif that Democratic tsunami is becoming more likely should be worrisome to Republicans.
Should be, but won't be to many. In fact, many Trump supporters don't care about the Republican party and aren't concerned with its future. They're too intent on giving the middle finger to the "establishment" to worry about such mundane things as victory or slaughter.

March 19, 2016
The 'Trump effect' impacting down ballot races
By Rick Moran

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