March 18, 2016

Philadelphia Gentleman Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Three, Killing One

Ronald Stanley
Photo: Philadelphia Police

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Police say Stanley walked into a Cricket Wireless store on the 5500 block of Baltimore Avenue around 2 p.m. Tuesday and approached a 31-year-old man who was paying his bill at the counter. He then stabbed the 31-year-old in the chest, police said.
Stanley then left the store, climbed into the unlocked car of a 51-year-old man waiting outside and stabbed him in each hand, according to police. Stanley then got out of the vehicle and walked towards a 30-year-old man who was watching repairs on his car at a nearby auto mechanic shop, police said. He then allegedly stabbed that man in the chest as well before fleeing the scene.
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Officials say witnesses directed responding officers to the area of 58th Street and Baltimore Avenue where they found Stanley. Police also say Stanley was in possession of the murder weapon at the time. They have not yet revealed his motive and said the attacks appear to have been completely random.
"They're clearly unprovoked attacks at this point," said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker. "We're not sure what the motivation is behind this male."

Police Arrest Man Accused of Killing 1, Injuring 2 Others in Stabbing Spree
Published at 4:47 PM EST on Mar 9, 2016
By David Chang

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