March 18, 2016

Middle East Migrant Abducts Child At Austrian Pool To Lure Mother Who was Molested

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A migrant abducted a four-year-old boy at an Austrian swimming pool just so he could molest his mother when she came to look for him in the latest terrifying sex attack.
The man, who barely spoke German had attempted to chat to the 37-year-old woman who was at the pool in the town of Klagenfurt with her young son.
When she rejected his advances, the asylum seeker went into the children's play pool, where her son was and grabbed the boy.
He then ran off with him into a grotto behind a fake waterfall within the swimming complex.
The boy's panicked mother then ran after him and found the pair hiding in the coroner.
But when the mother arrived, the man put the child aside and instead grabbed her and groped her inside her swimming costume.
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He said the man is described as dark-skinned, six foot one inches tall, powerfully built with short curly hair, brown eyes and a moustache.
Meanwhile Austrian police also confirmed today that a seven-year-old girl was threatened by an asylum seeker from Afghanistan.
The man had approached the girl in the indoor swimming pool in the Penzing area of the Austrian capital Vienna, and had been spotted by outraged guests pointing at his crotch and indicating what he wanted her to do.
Austrian police spokesman Roman Hahslinger confirmed that the man had been arrested before the had been any physical contact.
He had been spotted by outraged swimmers who raised the alarm and the man has been released on bail while the investigation continues.
The incident comes just days after a swimming pool in Germany said it was being forced to segregate men and women after two sex attacks by migrants took place.

Migrant abducts mother's four-year-old son at Austrian swimming pool and molests her when she goes to find him in latest terrifying sex attack
Migrant approached a woman who rejected his advances at Austrian pool
He then abducted her young son and took him to a grotto area of the pool
When the mother went to look for the boy the migrant then groped her
Incident is latest in a string of sex attacks at swimming pools in Austria
PUBLISHED: 09:45 EST, 9 March 2016 | UPDATED: 10:05 EST, 9 March 2016

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