March 8, 2016

Black Activism Has Misguided Priorities

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As a black conservative, over the years I have written countless articles about how the Democratic Party has been duping my fellow black Americans. I have explained how America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who simply choose to go for it. I have dispelled the myth that white Americans are burning the midnight oil plotting ways to keep blacks down.
I have written endlessly about how blaming white America for issues plaguing blacks is wrong and fruitless. Real empowerment comes from taking personal responsibility for one’s life. Why sit around waiting for someone to do something to make your life better?
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The new modern authentic blackness means hating and blaming America for every evil in the world. Black talking heads on TV from comedians to pundits preach a gospel of hate to black Americans: whitey is still out to get you – be angry and push back hard, because black lives matter.
Folks, it is all so evil, so divisive, and so frustrating. God help us.

March 4, 2016
The black thing
By Lloyd Marcus

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