September 2, 2015

Hate Speech of The Day September 2, 2015

[Posted on American Thinker, in response to my defense of disabled persons who are perceived as crazy. The rage and threats indicate omniscience, classism, limited vocabulary, intolerance and no concern for vulnerable persons. He appears to be confused, promoting guns, and making threats on behalf of extremist leftists. Does that happen often to prison volunteers? He appears to think I am a liberal. Not the first time a paranoid right winger expressed misguided thoughts.] 

"We" are the populace. As I stated quite clearly above, people buy guns to protect themselves because of people like you. I spent several years doing volunteer programs in the local correctional center. You had better stay in your Ivory Tower protected by a system which you disdain, if you are even aware it exists. The inmates, or Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, would pick up your "unsubstantiated tautology" and beat you to death with it. Of course while it's happening you will be able to comfortably contemplate that "life is just a concept."

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