April 30, 2012

MA Fugitive Shot Pregnant Girlfriend, Is Shot By Police in FL

Here's one more charming individual from the delightful state of MA, host of America's most prominent college, Harvard University. While he was free to roam, commit violence, shoot at police and a pregnant woman, no one was watching him. But Cambridge MA police, Somerville MA police Harvard University campus cops and even crime families (often police and FBI informants) not only conduct 24/7 surveillance, they harass me and scare ordinary people away employing relentless character assassination. They disturb my sleep as an attempt to lower my intelligence to their level, and as an attempt to provoke violence. Harvard University high level administrators city, state and US officials acquiesce in this criminal enterprise. They protect Harvard students that join in the criminal abuse of a 69-year-old man who the police and crime families say is disabled. They employ illegal firearms - four felonies plus numerous misdemeanors every day by these charming sociopaths in a building owned and operated by the President and fellows of Harvard College. 

Robert Fitzpatrick 20 year FBI Special Agent of the FBI, published a book, Betrayal, about the wholesale corruption of the state and US criminal justice system in Massachusetts. He describes how depraved so many high level lawyers, US Attorneys, police officials and FBI criminals are in the Bay State. Like Fitzpatrick I've been speaking and writing about this for at least 20 years. I was not believed either. Not being an FBI Agent, criminal police abused their power to arrest me and to slander me using judges, lawyers, police and now crime families for their criminal enterprise called United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge, and Somerville governments.

What was surprising to me is how shamelessly Harvard University allowed their employees to join in this 42-year project of destruction of a US American citizen, on their property using university funds and students. Bad enough. But for 15 years previously the FBI used me to fight organized crime in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. They did not pay me one cent. Now they ask what I've done for them lately and encourage the crime families to conduct this abuse. For 30 years the FBI stirred up racial animosity and told everyone I met and knew that I was a retired drug dealer. Think about that. A racist drug dealer in the US? Goes to show how  irrational people are and how easy it is to fool them. They elected Obama, a media image. The FBI stole my personal journals and sold them to police and crime families for ridicule and humiliation. Women I mentioned are all married to FBI agents, informants, and crime family members and their associates. They can't even get women on their own. 

What Fitzpatrick saw but did not discuss, is that the crime families have infiltrated all local, state and US agencies and now use them for profit, to consolidate power, and to punish their enemies. There is no longer a government, there are factions. You can see this clearly in how "Typical White Person" Obama and "My People" Holder abuse their power racially. They refuse to enforce laws in a race neutral manner targeting white men and using the government to grant special privileges to black men and black women. Obama getting Al Sharpton a regular show to spout his paranoid racist fantasies on a major national television network shows how distorted the nation is. Sharpton belongs in jail for inciting murder in New York City. 

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Known by the street name "CLU" and with a criminal history that includes arrests for assault and battery and robbery at knifepoint, Jones had come to Florida to "get away" from law enforcement in New England, the chief said.
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The woman passenger, who met Jones at a bus stop in Somerville, Mass., about five months ago and is 14 weeks pregnant

Marvin Calvin Jones, 22, From Charlestown MA


Police: Man wounded in Daytona shootout wanted in New Hampshire Pregnant girlfriend paralyzed with gunshot wound
Daytona News Journal
April 30, 2012 1:00 AM

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