March 18, 2016

Political Disruption Reminiscent of 1930s

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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a scheduled speech at an event to be held in the Windy City, where a sizable crowd of left-wing students and Black Lives Matter activists clashed with Trump’s supporters. Telecasts showed that in addition to screams of “Hitler!” and other face-to-face confrontations, punches were thrown and a few landed.
Although Chicago police did their best to prevent bloodshed, the anti-Trumpeteers succeeded in preventing people from hearing what the Donald might have had to say
Trump’s free political speech was trashed. It remains to be seen if the anti-Trumpeteers’ tactic will be repeated. After the Chicago rally was cancelled, the Soros-funded blog hailed the leftists’ success, and seemed to call for more such outbursts. When Trump was speaking at an event at Dayton Airport the next day, a far-left punk rushed the podium, and only quick action by Secret Service agents kept him from reaching Trump.
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Trump is taking the brunt of the blame. Not only have his rivals for the GOP’s presidential nomination rushed to judgment, the electronic and print media have also painted a negative picture of Trump. On Friday night, even Fox News coverage was, on balance, anti-Trump. The Associated Press reportage was even more explicitly negative. A blog on (March 14) not only accused Trump of cowardice, but went on to praise the Chicago protesters and deny they had abridged Trump’s freedom of speech.
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On at least two occasions during Campaign 2008, however, Barack Obama urged aggressive action by his supporters against opponents. On September 18, for example, he told his supporters to confront their opponents, to “get in their face,” which can only be interpreted as urging confrontations that could turn ugly. On June 14, he went even further. At a fund-raiser in Philadelphia, he told a crowd of supporters what he’d do to counter GOP attacks: “[i]f they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”
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Watching televised images of the violent outbursts at the event in Chicago induced memories of the grainy, black-and-white film of street fighting between Communists and Nazis in Germany during the final years of the Weimar Republic. A few broken heads here, a couple of dead demonstrators there, culminated in exchanges of gun fire and flailing Billy clubs as the over-whelmed Weimar police decreasingly could keep the peace.
We all know how street battles during the Weimar Republic ended.
Yes, Donald Trump is a polarizing personality. But so are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Is the American political system robust enough to deal with political leaders of their ilk? If it isn’t, we may be staring straight at a very scary future.

March 16, 2016
Liberal Fascism in Chicago Last Friday
By Richard Winchester

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