March 15, 2016

History of Police and Protecting Women, Emasculation of Sweden

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In Sweden, the headline goes, in the small town of Oestersund, “Women are warned not to go out at night to avoid multiple sex attacks by “foreigners.”
As in most of Europe and a good chunk of America -- like the White House -- the honest word for Muslim sex attackers cannot be said.
It is taboo.
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But after decades of multicult self-indoctrination, Europe has managed to emasculate itself.
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The Oestersund police chief is quoted in the news as saying that the local police simply did not have the resources to cope with roving gangs of Muslim teenagers looking for girls to rape.
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But historically there were no police in places where people lived. ("Police" means “man of the city”). There were very few cities, and many villages and lonely farms. You couldn’t call 911, and in any case, organized help had to come from miles away. There was the militia -- the one the Founders referred to in the U.S. Constitution. But for everyday purposes there were just male volunteers, the neighbors, who would respond to local dangers by defending the village. They were usually fathers or grown males, but everybody recognized a common duty to fight danger. Farm women were often very strong, and they would join in.
“The police” as an official force did not exist until a few centuries ago. Instead, every citizen, especially strong men and boys, would rush to defend a woman or child in danger. In every civilization before Multicultified Europe, it was the men who defended the women.
Apparently Sweden has totally lost one of the most important roles of men, seduced by PC propaganda.
Male gang attacks are the rule in Jihad warfare, just like the ancient warrior tribes of Mohammed’s Arabia. The Vikings and the Mongols and Cossacks were the same. Go back in history, and that kind of piratical rapine is the norm, as we can see in Homer’s Iliad, which glorifies the war of revenge conducted by the Greeks after the beautiful Helen was raped and kidnapped by the Trojans.
Anthropologists like Napoleon Chagnon are now finally telling us the truth that early humans were not peaceful. Primitive tribes constantly attack each other, in order to rape and kidnap women. There is still debate about the exact numbers, but up to a third of grown men are killed in each generation in intergroup fights. This should not come as a surprise to modern Americans, because the same thing happens in our inner cities, wherever fathers have lost control over teenagers. When the fathers abandon their families, humans revert to ancient primitive conditions.
The growth of true civilization over thousands of years meant training men -- especially out-of-control teenagers -- not to give in to their raw sexual appetites. Long before the word “police” was invented, the grown males of every village would threaten young males with castration and worse, if they tried to have sex without community permission.
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Like chimps, human bachelor gangs rarely rape in-group members (they would have to suffer inevitable revenge), but they do go out on raids to the neighboring clans to rape, loot, and kill.
Americans would know this if we actually taught history.
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I had a chance to go to Sweden a few times, and once, in Stockholm, I was shown around by a college professor. Three things stand out in my memory. First, my professor showed me an enormous funeral mound of a Viking chief, very impressive. Second, he told me that the Vikings were really not warriors -- a lie so blatant that he couldn’t possibly believe it himself. And third, we had dinner in a lesbian cafe filled with gorgeous, almost-identical-looking blonde girls, making out with each other in public.
I asked him “Where are the boys?” but he wouldn’t answer. On another trip to a college town in Denmark, I think I figured out the answer, in a part of town where the teenage boys and young men paraded along one of the main streets, seeming to check each other out. It was a very big gay scene.
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The Royal Shield of Sweden shows two lions rampant, facing each other with swords and erect penises. Some years ago militant feminists won a campaign to remove the penises from the fierce lions in a local version of the Royal Shield.
The feminists won that campaign, and today we can see that symbolic castration has turned into reality.

March 15, 2016
Europe Emasculated
By James Lewis

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