March 2, 2016

Academy Awards Adopts Black Propaganda. Will Operate As Government Does

In the academic world scholars are taught to focus on one area, to specialize and to learn all one can about one's specialty. It is inspiring to listen to lectures given by these men and women who know most of what there is to know about an area of research. The problems arise when they believe that their expertise carries over into other areas where they know little. This appears to be the reasoning flaw of Hollywood executives. They are great at making movies and spotting talent. But now they have accepted the propaganda of the black racist leaders, and are going to make movies as the government governs. Hiring people based on their skin color will not guarantee that the product is good or even acceptable. Just as there are bozos in government there will be as many in Hollywood making movies.

Hollywood's Casting Blitz: It's All About Diversity in the Wake of #OscarsSoWhite
6:55 AM PST 3/2/2016
by Rebecca Ford and Borys Kit

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