March 14, 2016

Updated(3): Publishing Interruptus, Again, February 20, 2016

Posted February 20, 2016; Last updated March 9, 2016 9:05 PM ET

Eric "White people are cowards" Holder, encouraged black police and black criminals to take revenge on white cracker oppressors. 

[More reports at "Police Continue Criminal Harassment, Relentless Character Assassination" at this link

[Updated March 9, 2016]
For the previous week or so, a team of crime family members and associates conducted a brutal harassment campaign trying to provoke violence. They tried to recreate the police frame-up in 1990 in Cambridge, MA. The California crime Syndicate hired Cambridge and Somerville police for a complete frame-up employing five judges, three trials, seven defense attorneys, three prosecutors, a social worker, and two court clerks. This is a pattern repeated by literally hundreds of criminals, police employees, FBI informants, and Communists over the past 25 years. Although the court agreement included removing the arrest record after one year it is now 25 years later and it still appears on the state arrest records computer system. The records are now easily available to anyone and are used for character assassination and to scare people. The arrest occurred in 1990, after I wrote to the Chiefs of police in Somerville, MA and Cambridge, MA and their internal affairs units, hand delivered letters, complaining about police harassment. Ten days later, after I chased a man, later identified as a Somerville police employee, out of my building, the Cambridge police arrested me, when I went to the police station to complain. They held me for 78 days contrary to state law for a competency evaluation. I fired seven lawyers who refused to put on any defense. The lawyers were paid by the crime family and the police to not put on any defense. Five judges participated. One threatened to have me put into a hospital if I testified about what happened to me. Another ordered me to appear without an attorney to defend myself. 

Here is a brief previous account of the frame-up at this link.

On Tuesday March 8, 2016 these bold criminals followed me to an event, took over the security desk,  and scared people at the event. My complaints to the District Attorney and the Attorney General only bring more harassment from the police and their crime family associates. That raises more suspicion that the courts too, are run by organized crime. There may be a few honest judges but they are captives of the criminals who run the courts.

Another contributing factor is that my telephones are sabotaged. Outgoing as well as incoming calls can be screened. The police and criminals, may be diverting calls to their own people to pretend to be who I am calling. That happened for many years when Harvard Law School students would pretend to be lawyers when I called lawyers seeking help. 

During the period when I moved 55 times in 22 years between 1973 and 1995, I rented a voice mail system. I was unaware that responses to my searches for new premises were being  deleted. I was directed by the remaining undeleted calls into residences which were controlled by police and FBI criminal employees.  

In his new book, Future Crimes, Marc Goodman explains how computers, phones, cars and other devices can all be hacked. Problem is laws are a generation behind technology. Criminals are not. They do not encourage the few remaining non criminal elected officials to do something about the problems.

* * *

[Updated March 2, 2016]
After posting my dismay about black homosexuals employed by the government trying to provoke me by harassing me, they stepped off the playing field of teams harassing me every day. The black homosexuals were immediately replaced by an Italian-American police employee, I suspect Harvard University campus police, who joined with two black gentle ladies. What makes this perplexing is that hundreds of black activists complain about police killing black men, and institutional racism at Harvard Law School and at the Academy Awards ceremony and polling process. 

Within two days on the job, this Italian American police employee, already called me an "a**hole." He threatened me saying, "You might be hit." It is quiet certain he is a police employee. Reason is that organized crime does not announce to their targets, "You might be hit." They do not warn their targets. They just do it. But police, the FBI and Communists like to scare people, to control them. It is what government does best, scaring people about non existent dangers, e.g., global warming, racism and guns. "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." H. L. Mencken

This latest team may be associates of the Providence, RI economic and political organization that runs that area. It operates extensively in the Boston-Cambridge area. 

If it is a white racist society, why are so many black homosexuals, and now black women allowed to criminally harass a white man of whom, these oppressed black victims say "He's crazy." But also why do local, state and federal law enforcement officials allow so many black men and women to harass a vulnerable elder white man?

Privileged black students at Harvard Law School, children of upper class professionals and graduates of Harvard University protest racism. One black activist at the University of Missouri threatened a hunger strike because of racism. He is the son of a railroad executive that earned $8.4 million the previous year. Black Lives Matter, is reportedly funded by George Soros and Google Corporation, and protected by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI. They urge their followers to kill local policemen. To say the black racist narrative is misleading is understatement. 

Multi millionaire and celebrity Chris Rock, hosted the Academy Awards in 2016. He called out his support for Black Lives Matter. He declared the Academy Awards which paid him handsomely, racist. With the approval of the Academy Mr. Rock brought 25 young black girls to the ceremony who sold Girl Scout cookies on live network television, to his fellow millionaire celebrities. He raised $26,000 more than some people earn in a year for his daughters. They wanted to beat their competition in their girl scout troop. Yet Rock and other black millionaire elitists and supremacists claim they are victims and oppressed by white racist people. They stereotype white people, as if all white people are rich and powerful. It is fantasy propaganda which inspires attacks on white people. 
Mr. Rock asked for equal opportunity for black actors and support personnel. But he does not want equal opportunity. He wants equal outcomes for black people. Whether they deserve the equal awards or high salaries or not. He promotes black supremacy. 

For 45 years the thoughtful and always vigilant FBI, assisted criminals by broadcasting many delightful elements of character assassination of the same white man. They included "He's a racist." "He's mentally ill." "He's a retired drug dealer." "He's a homosexual Communist." But being a racist, is not a crime. Being mentally ill is not a crime. Being a retired drug dealer is not a crime. And being a homosexual Communist is not a crime. 

So what explains police taking turns over many years, with black racist police employees and FBI informants, conducting a brutal criminal campaign of harassment, ridicule, humiliation, insults, provocations, sleep disturbances every one or two hours, and sabotaging my computers?  Why so much effort trying to provoke violence and trying to make me into a homosexual? What is their problem? Is there no crime, no violence, no threats from terrorism, no drug sales and deaths from overdoses to merit their attention? Why do so many state and US taxpayer funded agencies whose mission is to protect vulnerable persons, allow this to continue for so many years? What egregious crimes are these police and crime families covering up? 

One possible goal was to discredit me, to isolate me and to make me into a pariah. They succeeded especially well. Wherever I go people have a negative opinion of me, without having ever met me, or after not seeing me for fifty years. The defamation is saturation defamation. People actively seek to avoid me. The only people who come near me are hateful and hostile police, criminals and their professional associates, first lawyers, then psychologists who like to torment ordinary citizens. Two psychologists, one a Harvard Medical School graduate student encouraged me to kill myself. Isn't that thoughtful of them? 

They use their special privileges to conduct what can be called bullying an individual white man. I was surprised at how depraved so many people are in this country, especially at Harvard University and in Cambridge, MA. I used to think positively about people, that they were moral and if they were informed they would do what is right. But in this age of media, government and academic deception it is no wonder why so many otherwise decent humans are attacking a defenseless white man over 70 years old, for 45 years with no accountability. No shame among the upper class elite liberals who rule Cambridge, the state of Massachusetts, and Harvard University. 

* * *

[Updated February 29, 2016]
Harvard University lawyers repeatedly tell me, "No one reads your blog." Nonetheless it is obvious that "no one" is upset with what he is "not reading" on my blog. Black racist homosexuals employed by MBTA police joined the criminal harassment, ridicule, insults, provocations, humiliation, and continued character assassination on Friday February 26, 2016 as I did my lawful errands. After I boarded an MBTA bus, a fashionable couple followed me onto the bus. The young man wore a white robe. His female companion wore a full black burqa. They sat in the seats designated for elders and disabled persons. In all my 45 years of living  in the Boston area I never saw, except on television, a couple dressed in Muslim religious garb. But there they were. I was hoping that they did not yell, "AllahU Akbar," and then stand up. 

It reminded me of military commanders telling enlisted American soldiers and sailors not to wear their uniforms off base. This was typical. Military personnel who endanger their lives to protect the nation must hide their uniforms. But the allegedly endangered Muslim minority can wear their religious garb without fear in the United States, and sit wherever they want. In Europe political leaders suggest that Jewish people do not wear their religious clothing for fear of being attacked by Muslims? But that is 3,000 miles away.

I noticed through the slits in the burqa that the woman, who looked like a Muslim, was looking at me. I am no longer handsome. And even if I was, I wear a lot of clothes to keep warm in the cold weather. Plus I am a senior citizen, which shows. Why was she looking at me? Then I realized that I had published an article on my blog about Pamela Geller who fights fearlessly for free speech and against Muslim terrorism directed at Jews and Israel. 

I suspected this was an attempt by dumbed down police employees of the MBTA to provoke me. They think of me as "crazy." But also their minds are under control of the Boston Globe, The New York Times, NPR and PBS, who promote Muslim propaganda that the most vile thing anyone can do is criticize Muslims. These police employees ignore mass murder Muslim terrorism which kills Americans in this country. They ignore genocide of Christians in Muslim dominant countries. 

Muslims, and Africans, come to the United States and demand minority victim protections. Ignoring that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. More Muslims than Chinese. They ignore the brutality in Muslim dominant nations toward Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians. They do not tolerate any other religion in Muslim dominant nations.

Generations of students in Muslim dominant nations, were taught in state schools that Jews are evil. They are taught to hate Americans and Jews. They are taught to work to destroy Israel. But MBTA police employees believe that trying to provoke me after publishing a report about attacks on Pamela Geller is more important than anything else. Not enough crime on the MBTA to justify working for the six-figure salary and pension? 

Muslims demand special privileges in the United States. Pamela Geller was targeted by Muslim terrorists in Texas. Two were shot dead by police when they tried to kill her. In Cambridge, MA and at Harvard University they only try to provoke me. They disturb my sleep every one or two hours, and sabotage my computer at home and public computers too.

On Friday evening February 26, 2016 and Saturday February 27, 2016 black racist employees of the Kennedy cult resumed their criminal harassment and abuse at my residence. They resumed their behavior conditioning campaign trying to make me into a homosexual. Recall that the Kennedy cult adopted me in 1968 admiring my political activity at Columbia University after the student protests. This is what former friends do to me. They alternate with the California crime Syndicate and the Midwestern Outfit attacking me. What are friends for? 

This is what victims do in Cambridge, MA and at Harvard University, while they complain about discrimination.  The Muslim-looking couple got off at the same stop as I did. I saw them getting up and in order to avoid any possibility of an encounter, I went to the rear exit. They got off the front of the bus and waited for me to walk toward them. The generous thoughtful Muslim looking man said to me, "Go ahead." That was so special of him. 

It may be the same misguided greedy couple, one white lesbian, and her black homosexual husband, who are in the Witness Security program protected by the FBI and US Marshals. Some people say "They're dead." When I was a student in law school before I knew she was a lesbian, I dated this charming woman. She and her husband harassed me on behalf of the FBI for more than 35 years. 

The FBI paid them to pretend to be my friends. One of their thoughtful efforts was to tell everyone I knew, know and met, "He's a retired drug dealer." They were given substantial money reportedly to compensate me (huh?) for 15 years of abuses by the FBI, who used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. During some of those years I was impaired after being drugged by government psychiatrists in 1973. They thought I was a spy, and used hallucinogens for 80 consecutive days. I was not under the care of any physician. There was no court order to permit this drugging. I never volunteered to be a human subject in any medical experiment.  

There is more but I enjoy doing things besides revealing how disgusting some people can be.

* * *

[Original post February 20, 2016] 
Please take notice due to extraordinary criminal harassment by black racist homosexuals employed by Harvard University campus police, and black racist homosexuals employed by the FBI, I will only be able to publish sporadically until I am able to adapt to this newest level of harassment. Your interests or lack thereof is appreciated. Local, state officials, Harvard University administrators, and Boston FBI, often referred to as Murder Incorporated due to their assistance and accommodation of the Boston crime boss James Bulger during his 60 serial homicides over 20 years, have no interest to interfere with the 45 year campaign of criminal abuses by above mentioned government criminals.

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