May 20, 2015

San Jose Policeman Shot Dead, Suspect Dead

Michael Johnson, Officer Killed

[From article]
San Jose officers were initially called at 6:48 p.m. Tuesday by a family member who said that Dunham was intoxicated, despondent and possibly meant to harm himself or others, Esquivel said. As the officers approached the apartment building on Senter Road and spotted a person on a balcony, they were fired upon without warning.
Police dispatch recordings show that officers told dispatchers they believed the man they were searching for had one or two handguns in the apartment.
At one point, as they approach the apartment, an officer says "we have movement from the blinds at the apartment."

Suspect Scott Dunham

An officer calmly reports that a male has stepped out onto the balcony, describing him as having gray hair, a gray mustache and a black T-shirt. Seconds later, the "shots fired" call can be heard, followed almost immediately by the "officer down" call.

San Jose: Veteran officer killed; suspect found dead
By Robert Salonga, Katie Nelson and David E. Early
Mercury News
March 25, 2015

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