May 21, 2015

Few Find Journalists Trustworthy

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Yet Stephanopoulos had the gall while interviewing Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer to question his findings based on Schweizer serving as a “consultant to the Office of Presidential Speechwriting in the White House” over a two-year period. “This is an indication of your partisan interest,” Stephanopoulos reminded Schweizer. Yet no comment about the interviewer’s own “partisan interest.” Not just the Clinton Foundation contributions, but also his participation in a daily conference call with the White House and Democrat political operatives. And his days in the Clinton White House, not as a consultant but as a high level campaign operative, press secretary, and senior policy advisor to President Bill Clinton. Whose wife happens to be running for President. Who has the greater “partisan interest” here?

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Stephanpoulos is not simply a commentator. He is the chief anchor at ABC News, the face of ABC News, using his position to defend the Clintons and castigate their critics. He might as well be chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
Stephanopoulos isn’t the only one. MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews was Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill’s chief of staff. The late Tim Russert, anchor of Meet the Press, was Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s chief of staff.
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Is it any wonder only 6 percent of voters rate the news media as very trustworthy?

May 19, 2015
Stephanopoulos's Long History of Mixing Journalism and Politics
By Brian C Joondeph

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