May 27, 2015

Gentleman Fakes Military Service, Seeks Funding Online

Jesse MacBeth AKA Jeshiem Al-Amin

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For those who have forgotten, he was sentenced to five months in jail in 2007 for falsifying a Department of Veterans Affairs claim and an Army discharge record after a VA whistleblower and military bloggers smoked him out. “Stolen valor” cases of con artists trying to claim credit for military heroism are bad enough. MacBeth belongs in an even crappier crapweasel category: Fraudsters lying about military service in order to denigrate our troops and our country.
Well, apparently he’s back. Or rather, he appears to have never left. These days, fake soldiers never die, they just keep reinventing themselves on social media. You won’t believe what a man with an uncanny resemblance to Jesse MacBeth posted on Memorial Day yesterday to his Facebook page.
Oh, wait. You will. (Hat tip: C.R.)
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“Al-Amin,” who is apparently collecting veterans’ benefits worth $2,200 a month, is also writing novels and soliciting GoFundMe donations to build a commune:

Fake soldiers never die, they just keep spreading bull on Facebook
By Michelle Malkin
May 26, 2015 09:52 AM
Remember fake Army Ranger, IVAW poster boy, and troop-smearer Jesse MacBeth, who was busted by milbloggers in 2005-2006?
Yeah, this Jesse MacBeth

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