May 21, 2015

New Zealand Legalized Prostitution

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It’s not pot luck that New Zealand prostitutes have it better. It can all be traced to a single piece of legislation that passed through parliament in 2003 — the Prostitution Reform Act.
The decision 12 years ago to decriminalize sex work meant it became legal to work in managed brothels without a size limit, work for yourself, work from home, work from the street or work from the Web.
In Wellington, a brothel named Bon Ton is spoken of as “the Holy Grail.” The eight women who work there told documentary makers this week that “everybody’s in a good mood” and that, “hand on heart,” they love what they do.
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sex workers now feel completely comfortable reporting clients to police if they are abusive, threatening or unable to pay their bills.
“My memory is very long and it goes back to the days when police lectured a sex worker. I can well recall sex workers who didn’t report to police,” she said.
“Things have changed significantly since then. I remember a time when a client didn’t pay and police arrived and escorted him to the ATM to withdraw the money.
“We had three murders in Christchurch a decade ago and police said the cooperation from women in the industry was the only reason they solved the crimes.”

Why sex workers love their jobs in New Zealand
New York Post
May 21, 2015 | 10:10am

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