May 20, 2015

NJ Police Force Woman In Custody To Pee On Floor Of Cell, Laugh At Her

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A New Jersey woman settled with police for $180,000 over a lawsuit alleging officers laughed while they forced her to urinate on the floor of a jail cell, documents showed.
Rosa Badalamenti, of Brooklawn, sued Westville and two of its officers back in 2011, claiming police would not allow her to use the bathroom after a March 2010 arrest, forcing her to drop her pants and pee in the cell.
Officers claimed that Badalamenti had been handcuffed to a bench for the officers' safety after entering the station yelling and screaming.
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According to court documents, Badalamenti admitted she was intoxicated that night in 2010, having had two to four drinks in about an hour while at Schileen's Pub, a 10-minute walk from her home.
After stepping out for a cigarette, she approached officers making a traffic stop outside the bar and said she 'stood there' asking what was going on while Officer Michael DeNick told her repeatedly to leave, documents noted.
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Badalamenti was arrested, and left with bruises on her chest, wrists and arms. In the patrol car she repeatedly said she needed to use the bathroom, the lawsuit stated.
At the station, she said she repeated her request to use the bathroom, and was told she could 'as soon as she gave [police] her name,' documents stated.

Woman 'forced to drop her pants and pee on the floor of jail cell by laughing officers' receives $180,000 compensation
Rosa Badalamenti claimed Westville officers ignored requests to use the bathroom and told her to urinate on the cell floor during a 2010 arrest
She sued in 2011, claiming officers laughed at her during the incident
Officers claimed Badalamenti was screaming and denied telling her to pee in the cell
PUBLISHED: 12:41 EST, 18 May 2015 | UPDATED: 13:31 EST, 18 May 2015

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