May 19, 2015

New York Mayor Uses Taxpayer Resources to Travel, and Visit Other Cities

De Blasio imitates Massachusetts elected officials who focus on other states and the national government rather than address state or local issues. The Cambridge City Council and the previous three state attorneys generals are known for this diversion of attention and taxpayer resources.

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Bill de Blasio is one transcendent guy.
“We believed it would be transcendent to just have respectful dialogue, to have management respect labor, labor respect management,” he said last December of the magical act known as “negotiating union contracts.”
“I think it’s going to have a transcendent impact on a whole swath of Brooklyn,” he said in March about the future of Brooklyn Bridge Park.
“A real transcendent figure in terms of serving the veterans of this city,” he said in August of his appointee to run the Mayor’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs.
Oh, and in 2014, as The Wall Street Journal noted in tracking his profligate use of the word, de Blasio said, “This is not a political event, but I’ll make an observation about the political process. Chirlane and I know that last year was a transcendent year for this city.”
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Among the definitions of transcendent are these: “Beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.” “Existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.” “Not realizable in experience.”
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Hey, Bill, when you’re done fixing income disparities, telling Nebraskans you’re one of them and singing “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” do you think you could come back to New York and fix some potholes?
New Yorkers pay, by far, the highest taxes in the state. Which buys us the worst roads in the state, according to a report from research group TRIP.
Worse than Buffalo. Worse than Albany. New York City should not rank lower than Albany in any category except maybe “most elected officials currently under indictment.”
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Governing a city of 8 million souls isn’t easy. Many bright men have tried and failed.
De Blasio, though, isn’t even trying. He seems to think he was hired to do something much more transcendent than mere governance.
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Billy Blazes seems to think he was elected head of the New York Chapter of the National Progressivism Caucus. “I also have to participate in changing the national debate,” he declared this week. Says who? By a margin of 46% to 42%, New Yorkers said in a poll that de Blasio is spending too much time on non-New York issues.

De Blasio thinks he’s above fixing NYC’s problems
By Kyle Smith
New York Post
May 17, 2015 | 6:00am

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