May 20, 2015

Muslim Terrorists Target European Jews

People form a ring of peace around the Jewish synagogue in Copenhagen on March 14, 2015 to symbolize unity in the fight against terrorism and in memory of Dan Uzan, who was shot dead in front of the synagogue 
(AFP Photo/Simon Skipper)
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A year after a gunman murdered four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Jews across Europe increasingly fear for their safety and warn they are on the frontline of an Islamist war against democracy itself.
Since the attack in the Belgian capital on May 24, 2014, Jews have been slain in jihadist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. Jews were also murdered in a similar attack in the French city of Toulouse in 2012.
"The threat of jihadist attacks in Europe is not limited to the Jewish community," European Jewish Congress chief Moshe Kantor told AFP.
"Islamist extremists see European democracy and freedom as their primary enemy. However, Jews remain on the frontlines," he added.

European Jews fear for safety a year after museum attack
By Lachlan
 Carmichael and Philippe Siuberski
May 20, 2015

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