May 19, 2015

Greek City Refuses To Open Holocaust Museum With Star of David On Display

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Several Jewish organizations revealed over the weekend that local officials in the Greek town of Kavala canceled a Sunday ceremony meant to mark the official opening of a Holocaust memorial museum in the city, where nearly 1,500 Jewish people were killed by the Nazis.
The ceremony was canceled at the last minute after Greek officials demanded that the Jewish Star of David “be removed before the monument can be displayed,” according to the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which became aware of the controversy following an alert from its partner organization, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece.
Only two days before the ceremony, the mayor and a majority of the city council are insisting that the image of the Star of David be removed before the monument can be displayed,” the AJC said in a statement.
“There are no words to express adequately our shock and dismay at this news,” said AJC executive director David Harris was quoted as saying in the group’s statement.
Greece, like other countries in Europe, continues to be plagued by growing anti-Semitism. Nearly all of Greece’s once-vibrant Jewish population was murdered during the Holocaust.

Greek Officials Demand Jewish Star Be Removed from Holocaust Museum
BY: Adam Kredo
May 18, 2015 1:09 pm

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