May 18, 2015

Chuck "You" Schumer Exploits Train Deaths For Poltical Purposes

Amtrak Crash in Philadelphia, May 2015

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On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, ridiculed a reporter for asking whether the crash in Philadelphia on Tuesday night was caused by a lack of federal funds for Amtrak. The railroad is an easy target for politicians because large swaths of the nation don’t have Amtrak, which is heavily used in the Northeast, Schumer said.
“Speaker Boehner speaks with massive ignorance,” Schumer said as he stood in front of Penn Station, Amtrak’s New York City hub. “Amtrak has been robbing Peter to pay Paul. … They don’t have enough money, plain and simple. Because Congress has cut it.”
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“Instead of playing politics in the wake of this tragedy, the senator ought to focus on building a coalition in the Senate to advance the responsible, bipartisan House-passed Amtrak reform bill that paves the way for important upgrades to the Northeast Corridor,” [Boehner] spokesman Kevin Smith said.

Schumer blasts Boehner for ‘ignorance’ on Amtrak
By Associated Press
New York Post
May 15, 2015 | 6:55pm

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