February 9, 2013

Liberal Intolerance in The Name of Tolerance

Tufts also had a free speech zone. I spoke with an assistant Dean there about that and she told me, "We don't allow that stuff here." She meant no criticism of PC speech. I asked to speak with her about it but never did. 

Will also notes that intolerance in the name of tolerance carries beyond the campus. In Cambridge MA where Harvard dominates all aspects of life, there are ordinary citizens who adopt the intolerance of the campus. One lady used to comment to me about my letters in the local paper, where I criticized the local government. She seemed pleased with what I wrote. But subsequently I criticized homosexuals. The next time I saw her she attacked me verbally calling me a hater. I was shocked and simply  moved away from her. This attitude toward me continued for years after that. I realized that it became an attack on women for her. If I criticized homosexuals I must be a wife beater too. It is amazing but that is how it works if you dare to speak in an unacceptable manner the speech that liberals fear becomes your area of comfort. And you become an evil enemy.


By: George Will
12/1/2012 08:00 PM

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