February 9, 2013

Importance of Marriage, Chastity, Religion

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Among African Americans, only 17 percent come from families with always-intact married parents. By comparison, 90 percent of African American families were intact when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.
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Who would ever have thought that chastity is tied to the growth rate of the American economy?
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Family, church, and school are the three basic people-forming institutions, and it is no wonder that they produce the best results when they cooperate.
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If all three of society's people-forming institutions fail to deliver (and they are failing more and more), then the two instrumental institutions that build societies-the marketplace, which provides for material needs, and the government, which preserves order and peace-will also deliver less and less,
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History is littered with stories writ large of the damage caused when one institution tries to displace or take on the tasks of another, most especially when government and religion try to do each other's work.
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Much like the farmer who neglects the basics, the peoples of Spain, Italy, and Greece have given up on traditional family life as the core of their culture and their future, and have vied with each other over the last few decades for the lowest fertility rate in the world.


The Wealth of Nations Depends on the Health of Families
by  Patrick Fagan
Witherspoon Institute
February 6th, 2013

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