February 7, 2016

Propaganda By Muslim Apologists, Ignore Terror, Focus on Anti Muslim Sentiment

This is pure propaganda. Little of it is true. Mostly fantasy to provide cover for the intolerance, hatred and anti American culture and laws that Islam promotes. A major population of the world 1.6 billion Muslims plead minority status in the United States. They do not mention the outrageous abuses of Muslim dominant countries which are really un-American. Jews, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists are harassed, and killed in Muslim dominant nations. Like Africans who come to the United States from black dominant nations plead minority status in the United States, and ignore majority abuses in their own countries. 

Typical is this comment. "Not only is Trump’s interest­ in a burqa ban virtually unenforceable, hateful, uncultured and unpresidential, it typifies exactly the type of casual, unapologetic exclusionism that has led otherwise righteous countries down the path of violent colonialism, ethnic cleansing and ultimate self-destruction." But in Muslim dominant nations run by Sharia Law they ban the practice of other religions no less dress.

They add, "Hateful leaders can abso­lutely destroy nations and can even more easily destroy­ their own political parties." How many religious leaders in Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu churches openly express hatred and urge the murder of members of other religions? But many Muslim religious leaders repeatedly call for the murder of Jews, Christians and Americans. They demand the destruction of Israel. Is that what these authors object to?

Here's more illogical propaganda. "The Republican Party risks its own destruction as a result of this decade’s episodes of 'blame the minority,' especially when it comes time to court a new generation of minority voters,­ down the road." Surveys find 75 percent or more of illegal aliens, and up to 80 percent of Muslims identify as Democrats. Republicans have no interest to cater to Muslims or illegal aliens. The Democratic Party leads these thoughtless voters by their noses.

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We believe­ that our religious practice is not merely compatible with being Ameri­can; the social­ justice tenets we’re committed to, informed in our case by our Islam, are essential elements of American patriotism.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

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