February 11, 2016

Millionaires on Medicaid. Thanks, Obama

More evidence of misguided priorities of state, local and federal government. But also private university administrators and crime families. Over forty five years of brutal criminal harassment, the social security administration demanded I prove that I did not have over $2,000 in resources about ten times. It was a form of harassment joining relentless character assassination and sleep deprivation all of which continues today. Did they ever check the millionaires?

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Millionaires living in states that expanded Medicaid are benefiting from government-sponsored health insurance, and taxpayers are footing the bill for it.
In states that expanded Medicaid, people with high net worths and low monthly incomes qualify for Medicaid because of loosened eligibility requirements implemented under Obamacare. And in rural states like Iowa, Americans whom many would consider wealthy are taking advantage of this “loophole” and enrolling in coverage paid for by taxpayers.
Jesse Patton, an insurance broker living in Iowa, has had clients with net worths ranging from $2 million to $5 million, which often stem from farmland or assets from divorce settlements. And those clients, he said, are enrolled in Medicaid in expansion states like Iowa.
“It was designed to help the lower-income population,” Patton told The Daily Signal of Medicaid. “But without the asset test, there are folks that have the financial means and assets there that are good at figuring out how to work the system and capture a benefit they’re entitled to.”
Under the Affordable Care Act, states that opted to expand Medicaid did away with an asset test, which was previously used to determine eligibility in regular Medicaid. To qualify for the program, the government considered a combination of income and net worth.
Now, under the law, eligibility in states that did and did not expand Medicaid is linked solely to modified adjusted gross income, keeping it in line with the tax code.
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“It’s distorting the program away from those whom it was designed to help who are most vulnerable and don’t have other options,” Haislmaier said. “Unlike the farmer or divorcée who could cover it out of dipping into their substantial assets, or the graduate student who could cover it through student loans or a part-time job, the poor kid or the disabled adult, don’t have those options. They’re the ones whom Medicaid was set up for.”
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“It has introduced new inequities into the system,” he said.


Millionaires Are Qualifying for Medicaid Under Obamacare
Melissa Quinn / @MelissaQuinn97
February 09, 2016

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