February 25, 2016

Mayor Of Spring Valley, NY Accused During Public Comment Of Sleeping With Wife of Speaker

Demeza Delhomme, the mayor of Spring Valley, NY
Photo: AP

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A Rockland County village meeting devolved into a scene out of Maury Povich on Tuesday night when a resident accused the mayor of using his “power” to have sex with his wife.
Reginald Alfred, a 48-year-old maintenance man, took the microphone at the meeting and began sharing details of how Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme was a homewrecker who ruined his 12-year marriage, according to video recorded by The Journal News.
“He destroyed my house. He destroyed my family. I have two daughters,” he said during a 15-minute shouting fest that riled up city officials and other residents in the audience.
When another resident in the audience asked Delhomme if he knew Alfred’s wife, the controversial mayor yelled, “I know everybody in this community. I don’t know the person.”
He vehemently denied the claims while holding his phone that was recording the confrontation, yelling, “I don’t know this man. I’ve never met this man.”
Alfred went back up to the mic at least one more time, calling the mayor a “liar.”


Village meeting bombshell: The mayor slept with my wife
By Sophia Rosenbaum
New York Post
February 24, 2016 | 4:15pm

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