February 22, 2016

French Diplomats Support Palestinian Terror Attacks On Israelis

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a group of eleven prominent French ambassadors published an appeal in Le Monde on February 3, 2016, urging Paris and Brussels to "save the Palestinian state."
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The authors are veteran diplomats with over 200 years of collective experience and, supposedly, a broad knowledge of history, law, and politics.
And yet, should we laugh at this torrent of insanity or cry at the degenerate state of French political postures, divorced from rational thought, built on an inverted sense of justice and distorted legal and historical facts?
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The persistent pattern of condemnation of Israel, in total disregard of the provisions of international law, is nothing new. In the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara incident of May 2010, virtually the whole world found Israel guilty before proven guilty. The United Nations and its agencies; the European Union and most of its member-states (with the welcome exception of the Czech Republic); the media at large; and, it goes without saying, the whole Arab/Muslim world found Israel in breach of international law following the boarding of the Turkish vessel. But when the U.N. released its final report in September 2011, and Israel was largely exonerated on the grounds that it "complied with the requirements of international law," we heard no retraction from the horde of accusers.
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But we should remember that among Western nations, French institutions are often the most sluggish in recognizing their past mistakes. It took almost a century for the French military establishment to publicly admit, on September 7, 1995, that there was indeed a "military conspiracy" against Captain Alfred Dreyfus.
The France I loved and admired in my school days is long gone.


February 20, 2016
French ambassadors back Palestinians in 'knife intifada' against Israel
By Salomon Benzimra

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