February 29, 2016

Victims Of James Bulger, Boston FBI Scandals May Get Relief

Mary Callahan, Widow of John Callahan, killed by James Bulger 

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“The law in this area is complicated … nonetheless we were and remain committed … to allowing proceeds of the Defendant to go to victims.”
While that may clear up a lot, it will never erase the bottomless mistrust among this community of victims toward a federal government that enabled Whitey to amass a fortune believed to be north of $25 million.
It’s that basic suspicion that drives Mary Callahan, widow of John Callahan, a man Whitey marked for death, to wonder how much money could be pulled in if only the feds would auction off the arsenal of weapons found in Santa Monica.
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Even in that dreadful “Black Mass,” Whitey was very, very good for Johnny Depp. And the sad irony is that Hollywood Johnny has already pocketed millions more as fake Whitey than Mary Callahan, the real-life widow of one of Whitey’s victims, will ever see.


Gelzinis: Whitey victims’ families receive glimmer of hope
Peter Gelzinis
Sunday, February 28, 2016
Boston Herald

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