August 22, 2014

Control Freaks Run Government, Take Lessons From Psychiatrists

Here is unsolicited testimony from award winning syndicated writer, author, and corruption fighter Michelle Malkin. For several years I explain to anyone who asks that a range of organizations including but not limited to police, FBI informants, and associates of crime families harass me with the objective of controlling me. They are assisted by psychologists and psychiatrists, professional control freaks. They try to have me arrested using women as bait and other nefarious means. They provoke me disturbing my sleep every one or two hours, and cause my computer to crash every one or two minutes. They insult, ridicule, and humiliate me. The end is to control my life, after 44 years of relentless character assassination and harassment. Not much left for them to control. Lacking common sense does not deter them from their continuing criminal harassment. 

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