August 27, 2014

Incompetent or Malicious? Why Not a Spy?

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Our unsecured border is really a case of the Federal government waging war on one hated demographic, and one obsolete demographic. The elites of this country hate white people for being too independent minded; in 2012 a USDA office disdainfully described white Appalachian residents who would not take food stamps as being afflicted with “mountain pride.”
The US Chamber of Commerce simply cares far more about corporate profits than the citizens of the country, as evident by their endless push for amnesty. They are nakedly advocating in order to drive wages down. Such a scheme can only work when government’s large safety net picks up the legions of unemployed. The foolish business-Republicans have clearly not considered the taxes which will surely be required to pay for this policy. The American citizenry is getting in the way of the American government.
The case is even sadder for Black America. They simply are not breeding fast enough, and have fallen out of favor with the Democratic Party. Black Americans are being driven from the workforce, and even historically black neighborhoods like Compton, Los Angeles by the new, more favored demographic.

August 26, 2014
Where Governmental Incompetence Ends and Malice Begins
By Brae Jaeger

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