August 28, 2014

Prominent Author Exposed as Fraud

Sounds like all of the character assassination broadcast about me for 44 years. But little of it was written so I am unable to fight it. It exists in the minds of most everyone I knew, know and met. And they are not talking. They just shun me and ridicule me on behalf of the character assassins.  I read the book that was shredded, about Barbara Hutton. Amazing.

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Given the abundant evidence that C. David Heymann was extraordinarily reckless with the truth, why does CBS continue to sell his books, and push them on teachers? Most publishers rely on their authors to be truthful, and diligent in their research, and most nonfiction books are not fact-checked by publishers. But when a red flag is raised, publishers have an obligation to their readers to investigate. And when a sea of red flags floods their lobby, they need to start pulping the fiction.

C. David Heymann’s Lies About JFK and Jackie, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor
By David Cay Johnston
August 27, 2014 6:34 AM EDT

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