August 27, 2014

ISIS Threats To Christians, Convert Or Die

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The broadcast networks haven’t reported on the plight of Iraq’s Christians in weeks – in fact, ABC only mentioned them once. So everything must be ok, right? Wrong.
WorldWatch Monitor, a news outlet focused on Christian persecution, reported on Aug. 22 about Iraqi Christian Mikha Qasha who told Mid-East Christian News that ISIS gave him one week to either “leave, convert to Islam or face the sword.” The threat came with “weapons pointed at his head.” Elderly and paralyzed, Qasha fled from Qaraqosh – in a wheelchair – to Ankawa, a Christian suburb, according to the story, which was picked up by Christian Today and Charisma News.

Networks Silent as ISIS Continues ‘Convert or Die’ Oppression of Christians
By Katie Yoder
August 26, 2014 | 14:23

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Islamic militant terrorists ISIS is giving non-muslims in Iraq three options: leave, convert or die.
A WorldWatch Monitor report tells the personal account of Iraqi Christian Mikha Qasha.
In August, WWM reported that Qasha, an elderly paralytic, was moved from his home in Qaraqosh after ISIS members threatened him with weapons giving him one week to leave, convert to Islam or "face the sword."
Qasha eventually found his grandson and was taken to Ankawa, Iraq, the predominantly Christian suburb in the province of Erbil.
ISIS has reportedly been giving the ultimatum since the group took over Mosul, the capital of the Nineveh providence in northern Iraq, in June.
The group also threatened to impose a "special tax" on Iraqi Christians. Thousands of Christians left Mosul in July after the group gave the ultimatum saying that if they did comply there would be 'nothing for them but the sword."

ISIS gives Iraq Christians 'one week' to convert or die
Islamic group ISIS is giving non-muslims in Iraq three options: leave, convert or die.
Published 26 August 2014
Charlene Adams

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