August 26, 2012

New York Criminal Informant Assisted by Hollywood Celebrities

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The feds collared Paciello, charging him with murder and other crimes in December 1999
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After his arrest, Paciello helped put away 70 top mobsters,
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The actress Sofia Vergara helped put up his $15 million bail during the trial. Paciello, who was sentenced to six years, blew her kisses in the courtroom.
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After his release, Paciello split for LA, where he sunk money into a high-end pizzeria chain, Cristoni’s, squabbled with his partner as the business failed and got into a string of scrapes, including a knife fight. But just as ever, celebs clung to him, including his old buddy Rourke and “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly.
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Ingrid Casares showed up for that event, as did Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez and former home-run champ Sammy Sosa. Paciello, 40, is also running a nightclub, FDR, where he holds court in as loud a fashion as ever, at one point wearing a T-shirt that boasted, “The King is Back!”

Life on the glam for mob rat
Club don faces a Mafia hit – but take witness protection? Fughedaboutit!
New York Post
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