July 12, 2016

Updated(6): Publishing Interruptus, Again July 6, 2016

Posted July 6, 2016 8:45 PM ET; Last updated July 12, 2016 7:17 PM ET

Repeating the unasked question, "Is an enemy spy running the White House?"

[Updated July 12, 2016]
On Tuesday July 12, 2016, the new team of criminals occupying an adjacent apartment provided 11 non stop hours of harassment disturbing my sleep, inflicting intentional emotional and psychological stress, violating the warrant of habitability and the quiet enjoyment of my home. It does no good to complain to the administration of the landlord, i.e., The President and Fellows of Harvard College. They just ignore my complaints. It is a waste of time. It is also my suspicion that the highest levels of that corporation are well aware of the criminal activity and condone it, if not coordinate it.

One gentleman from New Hampshire, employed by the California crime Syndicate entered my building in the early morning, and began disturbing my sleep, inflicting severe emotional and psychological stress during my sleep period. I heard him run from the building and went to see who he was. I noticed him standing across the intersection wearing a blue shirt, near a neighborhood business which is popular with gamblers and Harvard University campus police. He stared at me with hate filled eyes. I do not know who he is but he appeared a few times during the past month. Is he stalking me? I suspect he is one of many police criminals employed by organized crime. He is about five feet six inches tall, weighing about 155. Short black hair, olive skin, round face. He may be from Portugal, Italy or the Middle East.

He returned to the building later for several more attacks. Someone provided him with the keys to the building. This indicates more misguided priorities by police agencies. Police criminals attack and harass me, not just keep me under surveillance.

I remain perplexed at the motive, the reason for all of this attention by police criminals as mentioned in previous updates. One member of this team explained to me, "You're going to New Hampshire." I am? Previous teams ordered me, "You're going to New Jersey." and "You're going to Canada." and elsewhere. This happens everywhere I've lived for the past 45 years. When I get settled they harass me forcing me to move.

From 1973 when government psychiatrists drugged me and the FBI used me to fight organized crime, until 1995 when I landed at this alleged haven, I moved 55 times. That is two and one half times a year for 22 years. The only reason I remain here is that the City of Cambridge made an agreement with the President and Fellows of Harvard College not to displace any persons in place when rent control was repealed by a questionable state wide referendum directed by two Harvard University lawyers. One is running for Vice President and is a former Governor of Massachusetts. It appears that some Harvard University officials especially among their for profit real estate division are openly violating that agreement by trying to force me to move.

Returning to the misguided priorities of these criminals, black terrorists stereotype white police and white men saying they are all racists. White women who refuse to have sex with black men are also racists. They name all white men as racist making them targets for violent black men and women. If white people suggest that all black men and women are violent, white people are demonized for doing what black people are celebrated for doing, by useful idiot journalists. White people stereotyping black people, wrong. Black people stereotyping white people, great insights. Huh? Useful idiot journalists on network television and in print repeatedly broadcast and publish the misguided counterproductive propaganda of black racists and supremacists, their deceptive politicians and PR flack mentors.

That includes not just black people who are descended from black slaves in the United States. But anyone with the acceptable skin color who is not descended from those slaves. The current president and many immigrants from the Middle East and Africa for example. They demand and get special privileges for suffering no harm, at the expense of white people, who are punished, who did no wrong. That is what the White House and his racist supremacist bullies promote every day. That is what they call not dividing the population. Ahem!

Harvard University campus police make threats "You may get hit." Talk about having too much free time. Do they have their priorities straight? Muslim terrorists threaten and kill Americans, Jews, Christians. They broadcast their plans to destroy Israel. Muslim terrorists kidnap, rape and kill young women they use as sex slaves. Black terrorists urge their colleagues to kill white policemen and white men in general. I suspect they include white women who refuse to have sex with black men.

Illegal aliens drain taxpayer funds denying law abiding poor American citizens and veterans, health care and housing. But Harvard University embraces and celebrates the above mentioned destructive groups. The university joins the White House supporting and encouraging lawlessness. They ignore government activity which violates constitutional protections and denies rights to law abiding ordinary individual citizens.

Instead Harvard University campus police and imported criminal thugs, with the university's $37 billion endowment, target a 70-year-old white man who they say is mentally impaired. Campus police bullies, who wear badges and carry guns. They are upset that a vulnerable law abiding elder civilian dares to use words to criticize government abuses and policies, which are supported if not promulgated by Harvard University researchers and faculty. Harvard University directs its resources promoting lawless government, destroying the Constitution and rule by law, toward rule by wealth.

Some of these criminals come to my home to attack me every day. They use sophisticated weapons, illegal in Massachusetts. But police are untrained in stopping their use. Other criminals stand by trying to provoke me to join them fighting organized crime. I did that for 15 years in an impaired state and got nothing for my time and effort. All I got was more abuse from the same criminals who the police were fighting. None of these sadistic predator criminal bullies, none of the $2 billion taxpayer funded human services agencies work to provide a safe place to live, to sleep without being disturbed, to enjoy the benefits of being human in the United States, having friendly people and loving women near.

Instead they surround me with hateful, hostile, violent, sadistic, predators. Most are police, psychologists, psychiatrists, associates of crime families. These anti social people delight in preying on vulnerable persons, provoking them, ridiculing them, humiliating them, bullying, tormenting and torturing them. That is the cutting edge standard, the priorities at the country's wealthiest university. Attacking a 70-year-old white man who they say is mentally impaired. Are they the greatest or what?

* * *

[Updated July 11, 2016 8:20 PM ET]
On Monday morning July 11, 2016, a charming young gentle lady (Communist?) began tenure as primary criminal harasser of a 70-year-old white male. She took over from a gentlemen from the California crime Syndicate, who worked diligently until 4 AM (Sunday night, Monday morning) keeping me alert with his relentless harassment. His gentle lady relief appears to be employed by the Harvard University building superintendents. It is not clear if she is also attached to the delightful and negligently trained Harvard University campus police, or is operating as an ordinary Harvard thug. Actually it was not her first day on the job as noted in a previous update. As I did errands on Monday it was the California crime Syndicate which conducted surveillance using young women as bait. Is that a new idea? Hello?

It appears that Harvard University is being used as a cover for this large criminal organization to conduct their brutal 45-year campaign of criminal harassment, insults, ridicule, humiliation, provocations, and non stop character assassination. It is thoughtful and generous of the richest university in the United States ($37 billion), to provide cover for these criminals who are employed to conduct an obscene campaign harassing a 70-year-old white male that they say is mentally impaired. That is what disability discrimination laws are for, to provide cover to criminals who enjoy harassing persons that they declare are disabled. Nice and convenient too, huh?

As usual when a new team of criminals take control of the daily harassment and surveillance they are dedicated and diligent. They make sure not to miss more than three seconds of harassment, as they follow me from room to room as I try to enjoy the quiet enjoyment of my premises. They Harvard is a thoughtful landlord, providing an incentive (24/7 coverage) using hate-filled and hostile young predators to me to keep moving seeking a place where I may be free from harassment in my own home.

She did not reveal if she too is a graduate student psychologist employed by the prestigious Harvard medical school, who encourages their clients (targets?) to kill themselves. Or if she is an undercover campus police criminal or simply one more thug employed by the building superintendents. In any case it is all Harvard University at this time with employees who are supporters or associates of the California crime Syndicate. It makes for a uniform period of harassment. Until the next team takes over.

Harvard University students, faculty and administrators declare that these employees are "not the real Harvard." They nevertheless ride around Cambridge and Boston in Crimson colored pick-up trucks with the Harvard University motto, Veritas on the side. They are paid with the same tax exempt money as faculty but they are "not the real Harvard." Sounds like something U.S. government politicians would say.

* * *

[Updated July 10, 2016 6:38 PM ET]
Early Sunday morning July 10, 2016 as I tried to go to sleep a charming young woman, maybe one of the several Chinese Communists previously deployed to conduct brutal harassment, visited me again. These women have an un-American view of police and government abuses of power. They believe that the highest form of service is to serve one's government. Not one's country, but the government. They lack any belief in individual rights. Only the government has rights in their view. Thus it is acceptable to attack a citizen, conducting non stop harassment, provocations, humiliations, ridicule, insults, threats, if the government so desires. The employers of these criminals who harass me know how they think and delight in employing them to target me or others.

This charming young woman began with keeping me awake for three hours as I tried to sleep. That was followed with nine more hours, twelve in total for the day, of harassment, disturbing my sleep every one hour, then 90 minutes, and relentless intentional infliction of emotional and psychological stress. That is what they do every day without fail. The only difference is the amount of abuse.

I am still perplexed at their goal. Is it to provoke violence so that they can arrest me and have me put into a mental hospital? Is it to cause me to vacate this apartment as many clueless public officials suggest? Harvard University has a policy of segregation keeping their "people" separate from the riff raff who lack a Harvard degree and or do not work for the holiest university with a $37 endowment. They treat non Harvard humans as second or third class citizens, even many of those who worship the elitist university.

Another possibility is they try to keep up the harassment making it so intense and unbearable so that they will cause me to kill myself. This is not implausible especially in view of the fact that two of their graduate students in psychology at their prestigious medical school who were at the time the primary harassers, encouraged me for many weeks to kill myself. It is a pattern that was recently prosecuted in state courts when a man killed himself after his girlfriend encouraged him to do so for a period of time.

In any case I forgot to include that on Saturday July 9, 2016 as I did errands the California crime Syndicate conducted surveillance and harassment employing their associates in Somerville, MA.

* * *

[Updated July 9, 2016 9:40 PM]
Saturday July 9, 2016 was an exercise in how the various teams of criminals cooperate taking turns harassing me. The day began with one team disturbing my sleep usually un-professional police employees, most often Harvard University campus police employees, including but not limited to students and building superintendents. 

Next a team from New York appeared conducting behavior conditioning trying to make me think I have a serious illness. It is a specific type of behavior conditioning, trying to make me act irrationally so that more people think "He's crazy." It is part of an ongoing effort trying to make me seek medical care when there is nothing wrong with me. It is a long term effort over many years. 

Similar repeating pattern was to spread essential element of character assassination, "He's crazy." so that police, FBI and ordinary civilians believe it. When I sought help from taxpayer funded agencies who protect "crazy people," they turned me away saying, "There's nothing wrong with you. We cannot help you."

Next on July 9, 2016 came various crime family associates especially the California crime Syndicate who with New York Communists and the FBI, leads behavior conditioning trying to make me into a homosexual. They use man-hating feminists, man-hating lesbians to support their sleep deprivation and character assassination. The Midwestern Outfit assisted the above mentioned efforts. Next came threats, "You might get hit." These are usually Communists who make threats on behalf of crime families and the Harvard University campus police. In my limited experiences reading about police and criminals who kill humans, they do not make threats. They just do it and do not announce their plans. 

While I am under 24/7 surveillance and harassment, a disgruntled Texas U.S. Army Reserve veteran gentleman took time from his busy schedule to arm himself using his U.S. military training to shoot white policemen in Dallas, Texas. He killed five and wounded 7 or 8. No one was watching him, even though he openly posted his hatred for white police online. His sister joined him in his black supremacist beliefs posting on Facebook. The White House claims to be unable to discern the motive for the racist mass murders.   

* * *

[Updated July 8, 2016]
The harassment has only increased in intensity and length. It is now non stop whenever I am in my apartment, and when I do errands. I am perplexed at what their goal is. What do they expect to achieve? Do they want me to call the police to complain that police, psychologists and psychiatrists are harassing me? I tried that in 1990. The Cambridge, MA police arrested me and held me for 78 days contrary to law, almost twice the legal maximum, for a competency evaluation, which takes about five minutes. The California crime Syndicate hired police employees from Somerville, MA and from Cambridge, MA for a complete police frame-up. 
It involved seven defense attorneys who were paid to not put on any defense. Five judges. One threatened to put me in a hospital if I testified about what happened to me. Another judge ordered me to appear and to defend myself. After three trials, one year of a continuance without a finding, the arrest was supposed to be sealed, as if it did not happen. Nonetheless after 25 years it still appears on police files scaring anyone who looks me up on those files. It does wonders for social, economic and political lives. At least one lawyer was directing the frame-up knowing how the system works. Many if not all of the alleged defense lawyers were actually black police pretending to be lawyers. It explains why they were so enthusiastic in not making any defense. Not all disgruntled black supremacist men take up long guns and pistols to shoot white men and white policemen. Some use the courts to get revenge on whitey. 

When I sought help from the Cambridge Council on Aging their now director told me, "We don't have any problem with the police." I did not know then, and do not know now what she meant. When I reminded her of her comment she denied making it.

In view of pervasive belief in my perceived disability by police and politicians, it creates a legal disability. Not that that brings any protection from more abuses. On the contrary, the perception of a disability increases the likelihood of more criminal abuses by police, psychologists and psychiatrists. What makes sense is their goal is to control me. It is the only thing that makes sense. Not that any activity by government bureaucrats makes any sense. 

Do abusive police, psychologists and psychiatrists believe that relentless harassment will make me love them? Do they think that if they continue trying to make me into a homosexual I will love them more? Do they think keeping me from loving women will make me love criminal psychiatrist abusers more? That it will make me support them and want to help them? Typically abuse victims often become abusers themselves. Is that what these professionals want to achieve by their depraved abuse?

* * *

[Updated July 7, 2016 8:38 PM ET]
For forty years organized crime families, especially but not limited to the California crime Syndicate and the Midwestern Outfit, conducted extra legal abuses punishing me for events in which I had no role. They did not provide any notice of any crime. They did not arrest me. They did not allow me the opportunity to defend myself, or the right to an attorney or to present witnesses in my defense. They allowed me no right to appeal adverse decisions. They just punished me repeatedly for forty years over and over again and again, with relentless concurrent character assassination supporting their criminal abuses. Many times. Multiple punishments for each allegation.

Now it is the police who perform the same extra legal pattern of abuses of power. No notice. No arrest. No attorney, no right to defend myself. No right to call witnesses, and to appeal. Just punishment and character assassination exactly the same as the crime families did before them. Not once but over and over, again and again for the same allegations.

The FBI, the CIA and the New York City police department began surveillance in 1968. Ever since that year of my undergraduate education one agency or another kept me under 24/7 surveillance wherever I Iived. In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. They believed I was a spy. Police and the FBI scared me in my impaired state of mind, and used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay me one cent. They punished me for that also.

During June 2016 after 35 years telling everyone "He's a homosexual Communist, drug dealer, homeless and crazy," the FBI joined in punishing me without due process for fantasies too. They made repeated threats, "You got shot here:" and "You're going to get shot." And then they stood aside and allowed police and crime families to continue the same abuses.

During this non stop focus on harassing me and destroying me, illegal aliens poured into the nation, bringing their anti social behavior, killing, raping, drunk driving performances, and maiming citizens. Drug cartels brought tons of drugs into the country to create more business for the psychiatric industry, the criminal justice industry, the medical industry and the funeral industries. Terrorists came across the border with or without visas to make plans and to kill dozens of citizens because they are not Muslims. The focus of crime families, police and the FBI was to employ psychiatrists and psychologists to study how to best injure me.

A candidate for president with a long history of allegations of crime, was examimed by 147 special agents of the FBI for months. They were unable to find any reason to charge her with a crime. They did not threaten her as they did me. The U.S. Attorney General of the nation employed by a lawless White House declared the matter is closed. But the same criminal justice bullies continued their ongoing attacks on a now 70-year -old white man with a legal disability. They all say "He's crazy." They do not see being crazy as a disability. They see that as a reason to attack, to threaten, to insult, to provoke, to humiliate, to ridicule, to slander a person because they are crazy. It is what psychiatry is for, to generate business for the boondoggle.
The degeneration of the government criminal justice system becomes almost complete. It focuses on law abiding citizens and ignores government criminals. Isn't that what government is for? The courts remain open keeping otherwise unemployable relatives of politicians busy and off of welfare. That frees up police and the FBI to target law abiding citizens who may become aware of the criminal abuses of the government and the wholesale theft of taxpayer money. Don't kill the jobs. It may be yours. 

* * *
[Alternate version of July 7, 2016 update].
There was no independence for me over the long July 4th weekend in 2016. Police employees from New York and New Jersey visited me in Cambridge, MA to harass me. They joined the usual suspects disturbing my sleep. But they increased the intensity and instead of just trying to provoke violence to have me arrested, or placed into a hospital, they tried to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke.

The New York City police were a part of my life beginning in 1968 if not before. That was when I was a prominent student leader in the aftermath of the student protests at Columbia University. They joined the CIA and the FBI looking for terrorists and Communists.

When I moved to Cambridge, from New York for law school the NYPD did not follow. The FBI did. In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. I was not under the care of any psychiatrist, psychologist. There was no court order to allow drugging without consent. In my impaired state of mind, the FBI and New York police scared me. Then they used me for 15 years to fight organized crime. No one paid me for what they did to me. Many people punished me multiple times for elements of character assassination made against me over the next 45 years. That continues in 2016.

For many years nine crime families took turns harassing me changing places with local police, FBI informants and Harvard University campus police. They all used young women as bait, young men, older women, and on occasion like always, psychologists and psychiatrists for guidance on how best to torment and to torture me.

After all these years the New York City police and New Jersey police returned to Cambridge, MA for more of the same. Over the long July 4th weekend in 2016 they did not stop for one minute. They were determined to cause me pain and stress, emotional and psychological. They were trying to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke. So far, by July 5th they did not succeed. I do not think they gave up. It is not as if the other players mentioned above have quit harassing me. They continue in turn doing what they do best, i.e., disturbing my sleep, insulting, threatening, humiliating, ridiculing, harassing, provoking, and slandering me.

Joining these courageous police employees who attack a 70-year-old white male battered for 45 years, who they say is mentally impaired, are police employees from Seattle, Washington, police associates of the Midwestern Outfit, and police associates of the California crime Syndicate. The homosexual wing of the Kennedy cult tries to compensate me with a woman on occasion. Usually they offer me what some call, dreck. It is how the moral organizations perform human trafficking. They do not see it as human trafficking but that is really what it is. They use women as rewards, and to compensate others for their errors, to pay their bills.

Problem is that the California crime Syndicate has an outstanding edict that I am not permitted to speak with heterosexual women. This is supported by Communists from New York and the Midwestern Outfit. So even if I accepted their human sacrifices, the above mentioned organizations would not permit it to stand. Communists with support from the FBI say, "He's a homosexual Communist." They continue their behavior conditioning campaign trying still after 45 years to make me into a homosexual. Hahaha.

Keep in mind that for the past few months, the NYPD along with the Mayor of New York City and aides to the Governor of New York have been under intense scrutiny by the US Attorney for New York. Instead of focusing on cleaning up the cesspool in New York these thoughtful police employees travel to Massachusetts to look for something to do. Oh there's that guy we harassed and humiliated in the 1970s. Let's do it some more. Duh!

* * *

[Posted July 6, 2016 8:45 PM ET]

Due to extraordinary criminal harassment directed at me at my residence I can not provide material for this blog until I am able to adapt to the increased intentional infliction of psychological and emotional stress, or until it ends. I believe these criminals are trying to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke, which is attempted murder. 

On or about June 15, 2016 a new team of criminals arrived in Cambridge, MA to conduct a brutal campaign of harassment and criminal abuses, attacking a 70-year-old white male citizen, who survived 45 years of previous abuses.

The team includes but is not limited to a Harvard University campus policemen. A black gentleman reportedly from Seattle, Washington, with suspected racist attitudes toward elder white men. Some are from New York City, where the police department is under scrutiny by the US attorney. Several high ranking supervising officers resigned and some have been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.  

The mayor of New York City is also being investigated for campaign violations. Is Harvard Law School Professor of Ethics, Lawrence Lessig, who ran for President to end campaign finance corruption concerned with the Mayor of New York's campaign abuses? Four of his top aides resigned recently. Aides of the governor of New York state are also under investigation. Their reaction is to send police resources to Massachusetts to harass a 70-year-old man they say is mentally impaired. Under state and US law it is a hate crime but also unlawful bias. Super victims, i.e., black police participate showing how depraved the priorities are in this country.

New control freak psychologists and psychiatrists and a few Harvard lawyers are sprinkled in to run interference from law abiding officials (if there are any left in this country). This is an egregious example of institutional bullying by police, psychologists and criminals of an elder man with a legal disability.

It is also a continuation of criminal abuse by police and the FBI which began in 1968, when I was a student at Columbia University. First the FBI and the CIA began watching me during the student protests of 1968-70. The FBI continued their surveillance when I traveled to Boston, MA for law school. As I understand FBI policies, from the few books I read about FBI abuse, they never stop their surveillance once they begin it. That suggests that the FBI is cognizant of this criminal enterprise by rogue policemen, associates of crime families,  and the special agents stand by with the human services professionals and watch as these sadists and psychopaths harass, provoke and abuse an elder white man. 

They increased levels of daily harassment, disturbing my sleep every 60 and 90 minutes (down from every two hours) until they get tired, or their batteries on their consoles expire. They extended the period of criminal abuses at my home from only the sleep period and when I use my computer, to include when I read, write, clean, cook and eat. In short when I am at home. It is non stop criminal harassment when I am in my home, no longer a safe haven free from harassment, no longer able to experience quiet enjoyment, and in serial violation of the warrant of habitability.

When I travel to do errands and to visit area libraries, they come along with uniformed police along the way. When I use public computers due to mine being sabotaged, they tamper with them too.

In 1973 in Cambridge, MA due to my speculation about the Watergate scandal in Washington DC, I was visited by a man showing a Department of Defense ID. Friends revealed they too were visited by government agents who falsely told them I was being considered for a new job. It is how the government gets friends to tell what they know about the target of government abuse. It is easy to fool people in Cambridge, MA. Just ask White House employees e.g., health care expert Jonathan Gruber, and national security deputy Ben Rhodes.

The focus of so many police resources on a 70-year-old white male citizen with 45 years of criminal police abuse behind him shows how seriously deranged government policies are. Muslim terrorists are openly revealing their plans to assassinate U.S. civilians by the dozen. They fulfill their threats. Illegal aliens with extensive arrest and convictions roam free continuing their criminal careers, killing policemen without any concern from police or the FBI.

The FBI reports it has about 150 agents devoted solely to investigating a candidate for president the wife of a former president. The ex-president met with the U.S. Attorney General. They said they talked about grandchildren. Huh? 

But Harvard University campus police, New York City police and criminals find it more important to target and to harass a 70-year-old white male with a legal disability. They are able to do this after 45 years of criminal psychiatric abuses, character assassination, scare campaigns, scaring ordinary people, friends, acquaintances and relatives. When they isolated me, they were able to organize the harassment taking turns. One day police. One day one of nine crime families. They permitted Communists to take turns too.

Is there any hope for an improvement with misguided mindless criminals running the government? If history is any indication, there is. 3000 years ago after the Bronze Age, the great Mycenaean empire in Greece collapsed. The kings disappeared. Ordinary people kept working at farming and crafts. A new generation of better government and better leaders rose in the Greek peninsula. It led to the beginning of science and democracy. It took hundreds of years. Today descendants of those people are destroying the creations of their ancestors in the United States. With luck people will rise again and freedom may appear. Not for me but for others. The sadistic criminals are so depraved they have no respect for human life. All they know is to get control of humans, to beat them with whatever means they have. That is my life. Prepare for when they come for you.

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