July 12, 2016

Updated(6): Publishing Interruptus, Again July 6, 2016

Posted July 6, 2016 8:45 PM ET; Last updated July 12, 2016 7:17 PM ET

Repeating the unasked question, "Is an enemy spy running the White House?"

[Updated July 12, 2016]
On Tuesday July 12, 2016, the new team of criminals occupying an adjacent apartment provided 11 non stop hours of harassment disturbing my sleep, inflicting intentional emotional and psychological stress, violating the warrant of habitability and the quiet enjoyment of my home. It does no good to complain to the administration of the landlord, i.e., The President and Fellows of Harvard College. They just ignore my complaints. It is a waste of time. It is also my suspicion that the highest levels of that corporation are well aware of the criminal activity and condone it, if not coordinate it.

One gentleman from New Hampshire, employed by the California crime Syndicate entered my building in the early morning, and began disturbing my sleep, inflicting severe emotional and psychological stress during my sleep period. I heard him run from the building and went to see who he was. I noticed him standing across the intersection wearing a blue shirt, near a neighborhood business which is popular with gamblers and Harvard University campus police. He stared at me with hate filled eyes. I do not know who he is but he appeared a few times during the past month. Is he stalking me? I suspect he is one of many police criminals employed by organized crime. He is about five feet six inches tall, weighing about 155. Short black hair, olive skin, round face. He may be from Portugal, Italy or the Middle East.

He returned to the building later for several more attacks. Someone provided him with the keys to the building. This indicates more misguided priorities by police agencies. Police criminals attack and harass me, not just keep me under surveillance.

I remain perplexed at the motive, the reason for all of this attention by police criminals as mentioned in previous updates. One member of this team explained to me, "You're going to New Hampshire." I am? Previous teams ordered me, "You're going to New Jersey." and "You're going to Canada." and elsewhere. This happens everywhere I've lived for the past 45 years. When I get settled they harass me forcing me to move.

From 1973 when government psychiatrists drugged me and the FBI used me to fight organized crime, until 1995 when I landed at this alleged haven, I moved 55 times. That is two and one half times a year for 22 years. The only reason I remain here is that the City of Cambridge made an agreement with the President and Fellows of Harvard College not to displace any persons in place when rent control was repealed by a questionable state wide referendum directed by two Harvard University lawyers. One is running for Vice President and is a former Governor of Massachusetts. It appears that some Harvard University officials especially among their for profit real estate division are openly violating that agreement by trying to force me to move.

Returning to the misguided priorities of these criminals, black terrorists stereotype white police and white men saying they are all racists. White women who refuse to have sex with black men are also racists. They name all white men as racist making them targets for violent black men and women. If white people suggest that all black men and women are violent, white people are demonized for doing what black people are celebrated for doing, by useful idiot journalists. White people stereotyping black people, wrong. Black people stereotyping white people, great insights. Huh? Useful idiot journalists on network television and in print repeatedly broadcast and publish the misguided counterproductive propaganda of black racists and supremacists, their deceptive politicians and PR flack mentors.

That includes not just black people who are descended from black slaves in the United States. But anyone with the acceptable skin color who is not descended from those slaves. The current president and many immigrants from the Middle East and Africa for example. They demand and get special privileges for suffering no harm, at the expense of white people, who are punished, who did no wrong. That is what the White House and his racist supremacist bullies promote every day. That is what they call not dividing the population. Ahem!

Harvard University campus police make threats "You may get hit." Talk about having too much free time. Do they have their priorities straight? Muslim terrorists threaten and kill Americans, Jews, Christians. They broadcast their plans to destroy Israel. Muslim terrorists kidnap, rape and kill young women they use as sex slaves. Black terrorists urge their colleagues to kill white policemen and white men in general. I suspect they include white women who refuse to have sex with black men.

Illegal aliens drain taxpayer funds denying law abiding poor American citizens and veterans, health care and housing. But Harvard University embraces and celebrates the above mentioned destructive groups. The university joins the White House supporting and encouraging lawlessness. They ignore government activity which violates constitutional protections and denies rights to law abiding ordinary individual citizens.

Instead Harvard University campus police and imported criminal thugs, with the university's $37 billion endowment, target a 70-year-old white man who they say is mentally impaired. Campus police bullies, who wear badges and carry guns. They are upset that a vulnerable law abiding elder civilian dares to use words to criticize government abuses and policies, which are supported if not promulgated by Harvard University researchers and faculty. Harvard University directs its resources promoting lawless government, destroying the Constitution and rule by law, toward rule by wealth.

Some of these criminals come to my home to attack me every day. They use sophisticated weapons, illegal in Massachusetts. But police are untrained in stopping their use. Other criminals stand by trying to provoke me to join them fighting organized crime. I did that for 15 years in an impaired state and got nothing for my time and effort. All I got was more abuse from the same criminals who the police were fighting. None of these sadistic predator criminal bullies, none of the $2 billion taxpayer funded human services agencies work to provide a safe place to live, to sleep without being disturbed, to enjoy the benefits of being human in the United States, having friendly people and loving women near.

Instead they surround me with hateful, hostile, violent, sadistic, predators. Most are police, psychologists, psychiatrists, associates of crime families. These anti social people delight in preying on vulnerable persons, provoking them, ridiculing them, humiliating them, bullying, tormenting and torturing them. That is the cutting edge standard, the priorities at the country's wealthiest university. Attacking a 70-year-old white man who they say is mentally impaired. Are they the greatest or what?

* * *

[Updated July 11, 2016 8:20 PM ET]
On Monday morning July 11, 2016, a charming young gentle lady (Communist?) began tenure as primary criminal harasser of a 70-year-old white male. She took over from a gentlemen from the California crime Syndicate, who worked diligently until 4 AM (Sunday night, Monday morning) keeping me alert with his relentless harassment. His gentle lady relief appears to be employed by the Harvard University building superintendents. It is not clear if she is also attached to the delightful and negligently trained Harvard University campus police, or is operating as an ordinary Harvard thug. Actually it was not her first day on the job as noted in a previous update. As I did errands on Monday it was the California crime Syndicate which conducted surveillance using young women as bait. Is that a new idea? Hello?

It appears that Harvard University is being used as a cover for this large criminal organization to conduct their brutal 45-year campaign of criminal harassment, insults, ridicule, humiliation, provocations, and non stop character assassination. It is thoughtful and generous of the richest university in the United States ($37 billion), to provide cover for these criminals who are employed to conduct an obscene campaign harassing a 70-year-old white male that they say is mentally impaired. That is what disability discrimination laws are for, to provide cover to criminals who enjoy harassing persons that they declare are disabled. Nice and convenient too, huh?

As usual when a new team of criminals take control of the daily harassment and surveillance they are dedicated and diligent. They make sure not to miss more than three seconds of harassment, as they follow me from room to room as I try to enjoy the quiet enjoyment of my premises. They Harvard is a thoughtful landlord, providing an incentive (24/7 coverage) using hate-filled and hostile young predators to me to keep moving seeking a place where I may be free from harassment in my own home.

She did not reveal if she too is a graduate student psychologist employed by the prestigious Harvard medical school, who encourages their clients (targets?) to kill themselves. Or if she is an undercover campus police criminal or simply one more thug employed by the building superintendents. In any case it is all Harvard University at this time with employees who are supporters or associates of the California crime Syndicate. It makes for a uniform period of harassment. Until the next team takes over.

Harvard University students, faculty and administrators declare that these employees are "not the real Harvard." They nevertheless ride around Cambridge and Boston in Crimson colored pick-up trucks with the Harvard University motto, Veritas on the side. They are paid with the same tax exempt money as faculty but they are "not the real Harvard." Sounds like something U.S. government politicians would say.

* * *

[Updated July 10, 2016 6:38 PM ET]
Early Sunday morning July 10, 2016 as I tried to go to sleep a charming young woman, maybe one of the several Chinese Communists previously deployed to conduct brutal harassment, visited me again. These women have an un-American view of police and government abuses of power. They believe that the highest form of service is to serve one's government. Not one's country, but the government. They lack any belief in individual rights. Only the government has rights in their view. Thus it is acceptable to attack a citizen, conducting non stop harassment, provocations, humiliations, ridicule, insults, threats, if the government so desires. The employers of these criminals who harass me know how they think and delight in employing them to target me or others.

This charming young woman began with keeping me awake for three hours as I tried to sleep. That was followed with nine more hours, twelve in total for the day, of harassment, disturbing my sleep every one hour, then 90 minutes, and relentless intentional infliction of emotional and psychological stress. That is what they do every day without fail. The only difference is the amount of abuse.

I am still perplexed at their goal. Is it to provoke violence so that they can arrest me and have me put into a mental hospital? Is it to cause me to vacate this apartment as many clueless public officials suggest? Harvard University has a policy of segregation keeping their "people" separate from the riff raff who lack a Harvard degree and or do not work for the holiest university with a $37 endowment. They treat non Harvard humans as second or third class citizens, even many of those who worship the elitist university.

Another possibility is they try to keep up the harassment making it so intense and unbearable so that they will cause me to kill myself. This is not implausible especially in view of the fact that two of their graduate students in psychology at their prestigious medical school who were at the time the primary harassers, encouraged me for many weeks to kill myself. It is a pattern that was recently prosecuted in state courts when a man killed himself after his girlfriend encouraged him to do so for a period of time.

In any case I forgot to include that on Saturday July 9, 2016 as I did errands the California crime Syndicate conducted surveillance and harassment employing their associates in Somerville, MA.

* * *

[Updated July 9, 2016 9:40 PM]
Saturday July 9, 2016 was an exercise in how the various teams of criminals cooperate taking turns harassing me. The day began with one team disturbing my sleep usually un-professional police employees, most often Harvard University campus police employees, including but not limited to students and building superintendents. 

Next a team from New York appeared conducting behavior conditioning trying to make me think I have a serious illness. It is a specific type of behavior conditioning, trying to make me act irrationally so that more people think "He's crazy." It is part of an ongoing effort trying to make me seek medical care when there is nothing wrong with me. It is a long term effort over many years. 

Similar repeating pattern was to spread essential element of character assassination, "He's crazy." so that police, FBI and ordinary civilians believe it. When I sought help from taxpayer funded agencies who protect "crazy people," they turned me away saying, "There's nothing wrong with you. We cannot help you."

Next on July 9, 2016 came various crime family associates especially the California crime Syndicate who with New York Communists and the FBI, leads behavior conditioning trying to make me into a homosexual. They use man-hating feminists, man-hating lesbians to support their sleep deprivation and character assassination. The Midwestern Outfit assisted the above mentioned efforts. Next came threats, "You might get hit." These are usually Communists who make threats on behalf of crime families and the Harvard University campus police. In my limited experiences reading about police and criminals who kill humans, they do not make threats. They just do it and do not announce their plans. 

While I am under 24/7 surveillance and harassment, a disgruntled Texas U.S. Army Reserve veteran gentleman took time from his busy schedule to arm himself using his U.S. military training to shoot white policemen in Dallas, Texas. He killed five and wounded 7 or 8. No one was watching him, even though he openly posted his hatred for white police online. His sister joined him in his black supremacist beliefs posting on Facebook. The White House claims to be unable to discern the motive for the racist mass murders.   

* * *

[Updated July 8, 2016]
The harassment has only increased in intensity and length. It is now non stop whenever I am in my apartment, and when I do errands. I am perplexed at what their goal is. What do they expect to achieve? Do they want me to call the police to complain that police, psychologists and psychiatrists are harassing me? I tried that in 1990. The Cambridge, MA police arrested me and held me for 78 days contrary to law, almost twice the legal maximum, for a competency evaluation, which takes about five minutes. The California crime Syndicate hired police employees from Somerville, MA and from Cambridge, MA for a complete police frame-up. 
It involved seven defense attorneys who were paid to not put on any defense. Five judges. One threatened to put me in a hospital if I testified about what happened to me. Another judge ordered me to appear and to defend myself. After three trials, one year of a continuance without a finding, the arrest was supposed to be sealed, as if it did not happen. Nonetheless after 25 years it still appears on police files scaring anyone who looks me up on those files. It does wonders for social, economic and political lives. At least one lawyer was directing the frame-up knowing how the system works. Many if not all of the alleged defense lawyers were actually black police pretending to be lawyers. It explains why they were so enthusiastic in not making any defense. Not all disgruntled black supremacist men take up long guns and pistols to shoot white men and white policemen. Some use the courts to get revenge on whitey. 

When I sought help from the Cambridge Council on Aging their now director told me, "We don't have any problem with the police." I did not know then, and do not know now what she meant. When I reminded her of her comment she denied making it.

In view of pervasive belief in my perceived disability by police and politicians, it creates a legal disability. Not that that brings any protection from more abuses. On the contrary, the perception of a disability increases the likelihood of more criminal abuses by police, psychologists and psychiatrists. What makes sense is their goal is to control me. It is the only thing that makes sense. Not that any activity by government bureaucrats makes any sense. 

Do abusive police, psychologists and psychiatrists believe that relentless harassment will make me love them? Do they think that if they continue trying to make me into a homosexual I will love them more? Do they think keeping me from loving women will make me love criminal psychiatrist abusers more? That it will make me support them and want to help them? Typically abuse victims often become abusers themselves. Is that what these professionals want to achieve by their depraved abuse?

* * *

[Updated July 7, 2016 8:38 PM ET]
For forty years organized crime families, especially but not limited to the California crime Syndicate and the Midwestern Outfit, conducted extra legal abuses punishing me for events in which I had no role. They did not provide any notice of any crime. They did not arrest me. They did not allow me the opportunity to defend myself, or the right to an attorney or to present witnesses in my defense. They allowed me no right to appeal adverse decisions. They just punished me repeatedly for forty years over and over again and again, with relentless concurrent character assassination supporting their criminal abuses. Many times. Multiple punishments for each allegation.

Now it is the police who perform the same extra legal pattern of abuses of power. No notice. No arrest. No attorney, no right to defend myself. No right to call witnesses, and to appeal. Just punishment and character assassination exactly the same as the crime families did before them. Not once but over and over, again and again for the same allegations.

The FBI, the CIA and the New York City police department began surveillance in 1968. Ever since that year of my undergraduate education one agency or another kept me under 24/7 surveillance wherever I Iived. In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. They believed I was a spy. Police and the FBI scared me in my impaired state of mind, and used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay me one cent. They punished me for that also.

During June 2016 after 35 years telling everyone "He's a homosexual Communist, drug dealer, homeless and crazy," the FBI joined in punishing me without due process for fantasies too. They made repeated threats, "You got shot here:" and "You're going to get shot." And then they stood aside and allowed police and crime families to continue the same abuses.

During this non stop focus on harassing me and destroying me, illegal aliens poured into the nation, bringing their anti social behavior, killing, raping, drunk driving performances, and maiming citizens. Drug cartels brought tons of drugs into the country to create more business for the psychiatric industry, the criminal justice industry, the medical industry and the funeral industries. Terrorists came across the border with or without visas to make plans and to kill dozens of citizens because they are not Muslims. The focus of crime families, police and the FBI was to employ psychiatrists and psychologists to study how to best injure me.

A candidate for president with a long history of allegations of crime, was examimed by 147 special agents of the FBI for months. They were unable to find any reason to charge her with a crime. They did not threaten her as they did me. The U.S. Attorney General of the nation employed by a lawless White House declared the matter is closed. But the same criminal justice bullies continued their ongoing attacks on a now 70-year -old white man with a legal disability. They all say "He's crazy." They do not see being crazy as a disability. They see that as a reason to attack, to threaten, to insult, to provoke, to humiliate, to ridicule, to slander a person because they are crazy. It is what psychiatry is for, to generate business for the boondoggle.
The degeneration of the government criminal justice system becomes almost complete. It focuses on law abiding citizens and ignores government criminals. Isn't that what government is for? The courts remain open keeping otherwise unemployable relatives of politicians busy and off of welfare. That frees up police and the FBI to target law abiding citizens who may become aware of the criminal abuses of the government and the wholesale theft of taxpayer money. Don't kill the jobs. It may be yours. 

* * *
[Alternate version of July 7, 2016 update].
There was no independence for me over the long July 4th weekend in 2016. Police employees from New York and New Jersey visited me in Cambridge, MA to harass me. They joined the usual suspects disturbing my sleep. But they increased the intensity and instead of just trying to provoke violence to have me arrested, or placed into a hospital, they tried to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke.

The New York City police were a part of my life beginning in 1968 if not before. That was when I was a prominent student leader in the aftermath of the student protests at Columbia University. They joined the CIA and the FBI looking for terrorists and Communists.

When I moved to Cambridge, from New York for law school the NYPD did not follow. The FBI did. In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. I was not under the care of any psychiatrist, psychologist. There was no court order to allow drugging without consent. In my impaired state of mind, the FBI and New York police scared me. Then they used me for 15 years to fight organized crime. No one paid me for what they did to me. Many people punished me multiple times for elements of character assassination made against me over the next 45 years. That continues in 2016.

For many years nine crime families took turns harassing me changing places with local police, FBI informants and Harvard University campus police. They all used young women as bait, young men, older women, and on occasion like always, psychologists and psychiatrists for guidance on how best to torment and to torture me.

After all these years the New York City police and New Jersey police returned to Cambridge, MA for more of the same. Over the long July 4th weekend in 2016 they did not stop for one minute. They were determined to cause me pain and stress, emotional and psychological. They were trying to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke. So far, by July 5th they did not succeed. I do not think they gave up. It is not as if the other players mentioned above have quit harassing me. They continue in turn doing what they do best, i.e., disturbing my sleep, insulting, threatening, humiliating, ridiculing, harassing, provoking, and slandering me.

Joining these courageous police employees who attack a 70-year-old white male battered for 45 years, who they say is mentally impaired, are police employees from Seattle, Washington, police associates of the Midwestern Outfit, and police associates of the California crime Syndicate. The homosexual wing of the Kennedy cult tries to compensate me with a woman on occasion. Usually they offer me what some call, dreck. It is how the moral organizations perform human trafficking. They do not see it as human trafficking but that is really what it is. They use women as rewards, and to compensate others for their errors, to pay their bills.

Problem is that the California crime Syndicate has an outstanding edict that I am not permitted to speak with heterosexual women. This is supported by Communists from New York and the Midwestern Outfit. So even if I accepted their human sacrifices, the above mentioned organizations would not permit it to stand. Communists with support from the FBI say, "He's a homosexual Communist." They continue their behavior conditioning campaign trying still after 45 years to make me into a homosexual. Hahaha.

Keep in mind that for the past few months, the NYPD along with the Mayor of New York City and aides to the Governor of New York have been under intense scrutiny by the US Attorney for New York. Instead of focusing on cleaning up the cesspool in New York these thoughtful police employees travel to Massachusetts to look for something to do. Oh there's that guy we harassed and humiliated in the 1970s. Let's do it some more. Duh!

* * *

[Posted July 6, 2016 8:45 PM ET]

Due to extraordinary criminal harassment directed at me at my residence I can not provide material for this blog until I am able to adapt to the increased intentional infliction of psychological and emotional stress, or until it ends. I believe these criminals are trying to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke, which is attempted murder. 

On or about June 15, 2016 a new team of criminals arrived in Cambridge, MA to conduct a brutal campaign of harassment and criminal abuses, attacking a 70-year-old white male citizen, who survived 45 years of previous abuses.

The team includes but is not limited to a Harvard University campus policemen. A black gentleman reportedly from Seattle, Washington, with suspected racist attitudes toward elder white men. Some are from New York City, where the police department is under scrutiny by the US attorney. Several high ranking supervising officers resigned and some have been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.  

The mayor of New York City is also being investigated for campaign violations. Is Harvard Law School Professor of Ethics, Lawrence Lessig, who ran for President to end campaign finance corruption concerned with the Mayor of New York's campaign abuses? Four of his top aides resigned recently. Aides of the governor of New York state are also under investigation. Their reaction is to send police resources to Massachusetts to harass a 70-year-old man they say is mentally impaired. Under state and US law it is a hate crime but also unlawful bias. Super victims, i.e., black police participate showing how depraved the priorities are in this country.

New control freak psychologists and psychiatrists and a few Harvard lawyers are sprinkled in to run interference from law abiding officials (if there are any left in this country). This is an egregious example of institutional bullying by police, psychologists and criminals of an elder man with a legal disability.

It is also a continuation of criminal abuse by police and the FBI which began in 1968, when I was a student at Columbia University. First the FBI and the CIA began watching me during the student protests of 1968-70. The FBI continued their surveillance when I traveled to Boston, MA for law school. As I understand FBI policies, from the few books I read about FBI abuse, they never stop their surveillance once they begin it. That suggests that the FBI is cognizant of this criminal enterprise by rogue policemen, associates of crime families,  and the special agents stand by with the human services professionals and watch as these sadists and psychopaths harass, provoke and abuse an elder white man. 

They increased levels of daily harassment, disturbing my sleep every 60 and 90 minutes (down from every two hours) until they get tired, or their batteries on their consoles expire. They extended the period of criminal abuses at my home from only the sleep period and when I use my computer, to include when I read, write, clean, cook and eat. In short when I am at home. It is non stop criminal harassment when I am in my home, no longer a safe haven free from harassment, no longer able to experience quiet enjoyment, and in serial violation of the warrant of habitability.

When I travel to do errands and to visit area libraries, they come along with uniformed police along the way. When I use public computers due to mine being sabotaged, they tamper with them too.

In 1973 in Cambridge, MA due to my speculation about the Watergate scandal in Washington DC, I was visited by a man showing a Department of Defense ID. Friends revealed they too were visited by government agents who falsely told them I was being considered for a new job. It is how the government gets friends to tell what they know about the target of government abuse. It is easy to fool people in Cambridge, MA. Just ask White House employees e.g., health care expert Jonathan Gruber, and national security deputy Ben Rhodes.

The focus of so many police resources on a 70-year-old white male citizen with 45 years of criminal police abuse behind him shows how seriously deranged government policies are. Muslim terrorists are openly revealing their plans to assassinate U.S. civilians by the dozen. They fulfill their threats. Illegal aliens with extensive arrest and convictions roam free continuing their criminal careers, killing policemen without any concern from police or the FBI.

The FBI reports it has about 150 agents devoted solely to investigating a candidate for president the wife of a former president. The ex-president met with the U.S. Attorney General. They said they talked about grandchildren. Huh? 

But Harvard University campus police, New York City police and criminals find it more important to target and to harass a 70-year-old white male with a legal disability. They are able to do this after 45 years of criminal psychiatric abuses, character assassination, scare campaigns, scaring ordinary people, friends, acquaintances and relatives. When they isolated me, they were able to organize the harassment taking turns. One day police. One day one of nine crime families. They permitted Communists to take turns too.

Is there any hope for an improvement with misguided mindless criminals running the government? If history is any indication, there is. 3000 years ago after the Bronze Age, the great Mycenaean empire in Greece collapsed. The kings disappeared. Ordinary people kept working at farming and crafts. A new generation of better government and better leaders rose in the Greek peninsula. It led to the beginning of science and democracy. It took hundreds of years. Today descendants of those people are destroying the creations of their ancestors in the United States. With luck people will rise again and freedom may appear. Not for me but for others. The sadistic criminals are so depraved they have no respect for human life. All they know is to get control of humans, to beat them with whatever means they have. That is my life. Prepare for when they come for you.

July 9, 2016

Updated: Black Racist Sniper Shoots Eleven White Dallas, Texas Policemen, Five Dead, Black Supremacist Suspect Killed By Police Robot

Posted July 8, 2016 4:11 AM ET; Last updated July 9, 2016 8:49 PM ET

[Updated July 9, 2016 8:49 PM ET]
Early reports were not entirely accurate, and excluded the expressed motive, hatred of white people and white policemen by racist black supremacist army reservist Micah Johnson. The White House in its usual deceptive words uses this tragic event to promote his totalitarian unconstitutional leftist agenda destroying the Tenth Amendment and placing all local and state police agencies under control of U.S. government jurisdiction. White House laughingly claims to be clueless about Johnson's motive, 

who lived in a modern building in a suburb. He was no slum baby. He had enough money, intelligence and training to purchase first class military weapons to kill five white officers and to injure seven more. His sister published on Facebook urging shooting of police.



Micah Johnson is accused of stalking a woman and stealing women's panties. 

Later media analysis including a Friday July 8, 2016 ABC news 20/20 special narrated by David Muir, focused on the shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana earlier that week. Without knowing the details of those shootings, Muir and Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter blamed all white policemen and all white men for racism. Using that same logic because some black men shoot white policemen all black men may be used as targets for white policemen and white men in general. Is that how this will play out? Journalists emphasize the flawed logic of misguided shooters and do not appear to understand where their thinking went wrong. It encourages others to take up arms to kill for revenge. It is an extension of affirmative action, which rewards black people who suffered no harm and punishes white people who did no wrong. How does that play out? Does it encourage love and respect between races? Huh?

Unable to post the many reports as they correct the record, due to extreme harassment at my residence making it impossible for me to function. Communist police employees, psychologists and psychiatrists from New York City join with associates of the California crime Syndicate and the Midwestern Outfit. Harvard University campus police make threats "You may be hit."Will resume regular publishing as soon as they are under control. Thank you for your understanding.  

[Posted July 8, 2016 4:11 AM ET]
[From article]
Dallas police were locked in a standoff early Friday after snipers shot 11 officers, five fatally, during a protest over recent shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.
Three people were in custody and a fourth suspect exchanged gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.
The remaining suspect "has told our negotiators that the end is coming, and he is going to hurt and kill more of us, meaning law enforcement, and that there are bombs all over the place in this garage and downtown," Brown said.
At least two snipers fired from an elevated positions on police officers minutes before 9 p.m. CT, according to Brown. He described the shootings as "ambush style."
"We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches in garages in the downtown area, and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could," he told a news conference — noting that some were shot in the back.
Brown said police don't have a motivation for the attacks or any information on the suspects.
There may be other suspects at large. "We still don't have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects," Brown said. Police were in contact with the FBI and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Brown said.
"There had to be some speculation from us there would be some knowledge of the [demonstration] route," he said.
Brown said investigators are working under the assumption that all the suspects were working together. They have not been cooperative, he said. "We just are not getting the cooperation we'd like to know that answer of why, the motivation, who they are."
Four of the five slain officers were Dallas police, and the fifth was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer. A civilian was also wounded, authorities said.
Around 800 people were at the demonstration, and around 100 police officers were assigned to the event and the surrounding area, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. The shooting occurred after the demonstration ended and as a march was taking place.
"At 8:58, our worst nightmare happened," Rawlings said. "It is a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas, Rawlings said.
A person at the protest said they were "making our second lap" when gunfire erupted.
"We heard shots, we smelled gunpowder, and that's when everything got really intense and surreal," the witness told MSNBC. "We just started to run and grab kids," he said.
The demonstration was in reaction to the police shootings of two black men, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge Tuesday and Philando Castile Wednesday in a St. Paul suburb.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed the state Department of Public Safety to offer any assistance needed. "In times like this we must remember — and emphasize — the importance of uniting as Americans," Abbott said in a statement.
Thursday night, Dallas police distributed a photo of a man they called a "person of interest." The person in that photo turned himself in, police said. It does not appear he was part of the four suspects later mentioned by Brown.
[. . .]
A witness who didn't give his name told MSNBC-TV that his group was making a second lap of the event when gunfire erupted.
"We heard shots, we smelled gunpowder, and that's when everything got really intense and surreal," the man said. "We just started to run and grab kids."
[. . .]
A woman who also didn't give her name told NBC Dallas Fort Worth: "We were leaving, and when we turned, there was cops. They were patrolling. Then, all of a sudden, you've seen them just fall."
Renee Sifflet told The Dallas Morning News that she took her three teenage children to the rally "for a positive experience, something they could say they were part of when they're older."
"Then it turned negative," Sifflet said.
Carlos Harris told the newspaper that the shooters "were strategic. It was tap tap pause. Tap tap pause."


JUL 8 2016, 3:25 AM ET
Standoff in Dallas After 11 Officers Shot, 5 Killed After Protest

* * *

A Dallas Police Department squad car that was shot at on Saturday morning. No officers were injured.
CreditDallas Police Department
[From article]
Eleven police officers were shot ambush-style, including five fatally, in Dallas Thursday night by at least two snipers, amid a protest against the recent police shootings of two black men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota, according to the Dallas Police.
The condition of the six wounded officers remains unknown.
Officials said the gunmen aimed to kill as many officers as possible.
Among the officers killed, at least one was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer and at least one of the wounded was a DART officer. DART tweeted it was "grieving the loss" off Officer Brent Thompson, 43.
The number of dead initially was four, but around 2 a.m., Dallas police announced a fifth officer had died.
"It is a heartbreaking morning to lose these four officers that proudly served our citizens," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. "To say that our police officers put their lives on the line every day is not a hyperbole, it’s a reality."

By 12:30 a.m. local time, three suspects were in custody and cops were in negotiations with a fourth, who was exchanging gunfire with officers.
Two of the individuals were taken in after one of them was seen carrying a camouflage bag walking quickly down Lamar Street in downtown Dallas. The individual then threw the bag in the back of a Mercedes and sped off. Police followed the vehicle and performed a traffic stop.
A woman was also taken into custody in the vicinity of the El Centro parking garage.
A fourth suspect was engaged in a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers, police said, and a suspicious package was found near the suspect's location. Police said the package is being secured by the bomb squad.
That suspect told police "the end is coming...and there are bombs all over the place," according to Dallas police chief David Brown. That suspect also said that he planned to hurt more officers.
"We’re leaving every motive on the table," Brown said. It was yet to be determined if the attackers were part of the rally, but they appeared to be working together Brown added.


11 Officers Shot, 5 Fatally, by Snipers Amid Dallas Protest; Standoff Underway
Jul 8, 2016, 12:54 AM ET

* * *


5 cops dead, several injured after snipers target Dallas officers

By Associated Press

July 7, 2016 | 10:28pm | Updated

July 5, 2016

Bodies Found in Charles River, Near Cambridge, MA and Off Quincy, MA Coast

Hyatt Hotel Cambridge, MA

[From article]
State police said the body was recovered from the water at 11:25 a.m. near Memorial Drive at River Street in Cambridge.
The Middlesex District Attorney's Office is leading the investigation.


Body found in Charles River near Memorial Drive
No further information available
Published 3:39 PM EDT Jul 02, 2016

* * *

Boston University Boat House, Cambridge, MA


Man’s Body Pulled From Charles River In Cambridge
July 2, 2016 6:35 PM
CBS News Boston MA

* * *


Man’s Body Recovered Off Quincy Coast
July 2, 2016 11:30 PM
CBS News Boston MA

Three Times As Many Anti Jewish Incidents Than Anti Muslim; White House Only Sees Anti Muslim

Question that re-appears often, "Is an enemy spy running the White House?"

[From article]
The Anti-Defamation League just announced that anti-Semitic incidents in the United States rose dramatically in 2015. Colleges and universities were responsible for some 10 percent of the events, which included harassment, threats, and vandalism. The ADL, which pays close attention to such matters, said it was “not clear what may have led to the spike.” Any first-year political science major could furnish a working hypothesis.

Not a single statement has issued from the Oval Office about attacks on Jews in the United States or on foreign turf. Indeed, early last year, when Islamic terrorists went on a killing spree in the French capital, President Obama condemned “violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.” The zealots were violent and vicious alright, but their shots weren’t random. They aimed to murder patrons in a kosher supermarket. In other words, they sought to kill a bunch of Jewish folks. Somehow, the president couldn’t bring himself to utter that word.
Nor has Obama referred to the uptick in anti-Semitic episodes in academia. Currently, the Left has a palpable presence on campuses, disinviting speakers who dare to articulate conservative views, shouting down defenders of the Second Amendment before they can make their arguments, demanding “trigger warnings” before students read books like Huckleberry Finn and The Great Gatsby, because literature that has been on the shelves for decades, and sometimes centuries, might disturb the frail sensibilities of today’s sophomores. Today, too, the low anti-Semitism of the Third Reich continues in the groves of higher education, often cloaked in pro-Palestinian rhetoric. The vocabulary of the academic Left brims with agitprop about “Zionist malevolence,” though many countries within rocket distance of the most liberal nation in the Middle East are notorious for the stoning of apostates, rape victims, and homosexuals.

Only the naïve, and the willfully ignorant, could fail to see another reason why anti-Semitism has increased overseas and in America. The ADL recently did a survey of religious and ethnic bias in 101 countries. Anti-Jewish sentiment was most prevalent in North Africa and the Middle East, where 74 percent of respondents expressed anti-Semitic views. In those countries, millions are taught that Jews are subhuman, or a dangerous and controlling force in geopolitics—or both. Now, many of those millions are pouring into Europe and America—legally or illegally—welcomed by governments that pay scant attention to their background. In the recent past, 56 percent of anti-religious hate crimes in the U.S. were against Jews. Some 18 percent targeted Muslims. Guess which received censorious comment from on high, and which were met with silence?

George Orwell’s old counsel resounds with fresh truth: “To see what is in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle.” That struggle has yet to be made by the Obama administration, and sadder still, by the Anti-Defamation League itself.


Blind to the Obvious
Anti-Semitism is up, but even the ADL won’t say why.
Stefan Kanfer
July 1, 2016

NYC Real Estate Developers Destroy Donnell Branch Library Oasis In Midtown

In 1960s when I worked on a project at IBM's Sixth Avenue facility, I used to visit the Donnell library branch during lunch hours. 

[From article]
I am writing this essay from the basement of the Baccarat Hotel, the awkward 605-foot crystal-and-marble confection on West 53rd Street that opened last year. The Baccarat, which is owned by a Chinese insurance company, made news in December when two prostitutes allegedly stole a $600,000 watch from a drunken john. Why am I here? In one of the worst decisions made by a local public institution in decades, the New York Public Library has squirreled away its newest branch in the basement of this luxury tower.

The new library, which opened Monday, replaces the Donnell Library Center. The NYPL shuttered the Donnell nearly eight years ago, handing it over to the Baccarat’s developers for demolition. As Scott Sherman reports in his 2015 book,Patience and Fortitude: Power, Real Estate, and the Fight to Save a Public Library, the old library was built with funds donated by Ezekiel Donnell, a nineteenth-century cotton merchant, who wanted it to become a “fireproof building” where “young people can spend their evenings profitably away from demoralizing influences” (such as people who hire watch-stealing prostitutes). John D. Rockefeller, Jr., donated the land, across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. Architects designed a four-story limestone building similar to the lower floors of the Rockefeller Center towers, three blocks to the south.
Donnell, an Irish immigrant, died in 1896; his widow and daughter lived off his fortune until well into the twentieth century. When they died, the $2.5 million Donnell Library Center was built. It opened in 1955 and was an immediate a success. The New York Times lauded it as “a real showpiece . . . thoroughly contemporary in design and appointments.” The branch was “bright and cheerful,” with “warmth and comfort,” too. The Times pointed out amenities that library patrons would continue to enjoy into the new millennium: the Donnell’s nearly 300,000-book capacity, and its special collections for “the foreign language reader” and “the music lover” (and, later, for film lovers).

By the mid-2000s, the Donnell had built up half a century of character. Theoriginal stuffed animals that inspired A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books were on display in the children’s room. Donnell was always packed with adults and children browsing, studying, or reading. What the Times had said in its initial assessment was still true: the Donnell was “a haven from the noisy, bustling world just outside.”
In the first decade of the twenty-first century, though, the NYPL’s managers and trustees saw in Donnell not an austere and elegant oasis from Midtown’s skyscrapers, but a “poor, shabby neighbor,” as then-library chief Paul LeClercsaid in 2007. The Donnell’s interior certainly needed an upgrade, but the work should have been straightforward. The city was at the tail end of the biggest economic boom in its history. Income-tax revenues had grown from $5.3 billion annually in 1999—the previous peak—to $8.2 billion. The library, which has its own independent board but which depends on the city for much of its financing, should have outlined the tens of millions it would need for a renovation, raised some money from philanthropists, and got the rest from the city. Instead, as Sherman writes, “the Donnell became a real-estate commodity.” In 2007, LeClerc and his board decided to sell the land to a hotel developer. The developer, in turn, would raze the branch, build the tower, and hand over the uncompleted basements and a small portion of the first floor back to the library.
[. . .]
It should have been possible, too, for library trustees and managers to grasp the difference between the private sector and the public sector. Real-estate firms and financial firms should undertake complex, risky, real-estate and financial transactions; they shouldn’t lend books. Libraries should lend books; they shouldn’t undertake complex, risky, real-estate and financial transactions.
[. . .]
NYPL managers knew that its constituents wouldn’t like the Donnell plan. Sherman reports that the library managers waited as long as possible—until the developer that had purchased the land needed to file its own disclosure document—to break the news. The library hired a crisis-PR team to help with this task. It hired New Yorker critic Paul Golderberger, too, for a “consulting fee” and a little extra PR insurance.
Even if one agrees with the notion that a modest four-story building is wasted space, the library made a terrible deal. The sale netted it $67 million. But the library then had to spend $23 million outfitting the new branch in the basement (MoMA is working with developers on yet another tall tower next to the existing museum, but MoMA will keep the first three floors as galleries). Years of delay frittered away much of the rest of the money, as the NYPL had to operate a temporary branch several blocks away.
[. . .]

What of the new branch, which has lost the Donnell name and is now just called the 53rd Street branch? The building and materials are new. Its clean wooden floors shine. Its white shelves and never-before-read books look and smell nice. Architects ably designed the space for today’s workers. Fast wifi and ample cubicles, desks, and plugs are available on the first basement floor. Dozens of New Yorkers were busily working there on Tuesday. Even as construction workers drilled and talked, library patrons were quiet. The space’s designers crafted a calming environment, with cubicle padding and chairs that don’t screech when you move them. The library is a perfectly pleasant place to write. Its like borrowing a desk at someone’s office when working out of town. On the second basement floor, toddlers and children were already reading and playing in their new room, perusing Madeline and Curious George titles (Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger were nowhere to be found; they live now at the main research library on 42nd Street).
The new library branch would be a proud civic achievement in a small, wealthy suburb. But New York is not a small, wealthy suburb. It deserves better. Unlike the Donnell, most of the new underground library has no natural light. Space for books is limited, because of the real constraints of being in a basement that wasn’t the hotel developer’s priority. The library is less than a third of Donnell’s size.
[. . .]
The NYPL has dispensed with almost all of the Donnell’s books. Just 20,000 are on site, a mere 7 percent of the previous holdings. Browsing the 53rd Street branch is more like browsing a bookstore that doesn’t have the room or the money to offer an interesting inventory. The Donnell’s specialized holdings in film, music, and foreign language aren’t coming back; the NYPL dispersed them to other branches. Yes, you can order any book or film you want from any branch you want, and pick it up here, quite conveniently. But a library isn’t an Amazon dropbox.
The title of Sherman’s book reminds us that it could be worse. Patience and Fortitude are the names of the two lions who sit by the steps of the 105-year-old main research library on 42nd Street. Not far from the research library are the Mid-Manhattan branch—the system’s main lending library—and the Science, Industry, and Business Library. LeClerc and his successor, Tony Marx, until recently wanted to do to these three buildings what they did to Donnell: close them, sell them, and use some of the proceeds to gut the seven-story book “stacks” of the research library, where they would build a post-Donnell “space.”
The people who use New York’s libraries couldn’t save the Donnell, but they did help save the research library and the Mid-Manhattan branch. Famous authors, amateur scholars, journalists, and romance-novel addicts, all wrote and spoke out against this “Central Library Plan,” persistently and consistently. In 2012, Ada Louise Huxtable, the Wall Street Journal’s 91-year-old architecture critic, devoted her last-ever article before she died to excoriating the plan. “This is a plan devised out of a profound ignorance of or willful disregard for not only the library’s original concept and design, but also the folly of altering its meaning and mission and compromising its historical and architectural integrity,” she wrote. “You don’t ‘update’ a masterpiece.” New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman also slammed the proposal. In City Journal, the Manhattan Institute’s Stephen Eide wrote​ that were the plan to go forward, “scholarship, education, and our cultural inheritance would all suffer.” A 2013 state assembly hearing attracted hundreds of attendees, virtually all of them against turning a storied research institution into a bland lobby—and losing two branches, too.
[. . .]
As the years passed, it became obvious that the library couldn’t deliver what it had promised at Donnell, a project that Marx has now admitted was a mistake. Time brought a new mayor, too; Bill de Blasio, unlike Michael Bloomberg, didn’t support the library overhaul. In 2014, Marx killed the plan that he and his predecessor had championed.
But bad ideas persist in a still-toxic political and cultural environment. Today, de Blasio supports a Donnell-style plan proposed by the Brooklyn Public Library (a separately managed institution from the NYPL). The BPL wants to sell its Brooklyn Heights branch to a condo developer. Federal investigators are looking into the deal, as the chosen developer donated heavily to de Blasio. Though the NYPL is renovating and keeping its Mid-Manhattan branch, it still wants to close the Science, Industry, and Business Library, which is used by hundreds of students and entrepreneurs every day.
[. . .]
As the years passed, it became obvious that the library couldn’t deliver what it had promised at Donnell, a project that Marx has now admitted was a mistake. Time brought a new mayor, too; Bill de Blasio, unlike Michael Bloomberg, didn’t support the library overhaul. In 2014, Marx killed the plan that he and his predecessor had championed.
But bad ideas persist in a still-toxic political and cultural environment. Today, de Blasio supports a Donnell-style plan proposed by the Brooklyn Public Library (a separately managed institution from the NYPL). The BPL wants to sell its Brooklyn Heights branch to a condo developer. Federal investigators are looking into the deal, as the chosen developer donated heavily to de Blasio. Though the NYPL is renovating and keeping its Mid-Manhattan branch, it still wants to close the Science, Industry, and Business Library, which is used by hundreds of students and entrepreneurs every day.


Books in the Basement
Midtown Manhattan’s new library falls short of what a world-class city should provide to its citizens.
Nicole Gelinas
July 1, 2016

Muslim Americans Increasingly Support Imposing Sharia Law

[From article]
new polling data reveal non-Muslim Americans are increasingly cognizant of the threat Sharia -- Islam’s totalitarian religio-political “law” -- poses to their basic liberties. Overwhelmingly, they reject its encroachment in the United States.
But polling data also reveal that an ominous, growing proportion of American Muslims wish to impose Sharia on America.
Opinion Savvy polled a random sample of 803 registered voters -- 98.2% non-Muslim, and 1.8% Muslim (with age, race, gender, political affiliation, and regionpropensity score-weighted to reduce biases) -- from June 19 to June 20, 2016. They asked:
Do you believe that the United States government should screen, or actively identify individuals entering the United States who support Sharia law?
Seventy-one percent affirmed:

Yes, supporters of Sharia should be identified before they are admitted into the US.
The group answering “yes” was then asked:
Once identified, do you believe that individuals who support the practice of Sharia law should be admitted into the United States?
Eighty percent responded:
No, supporters of Sharia should not be admitted into the US.
The next query, which addressed only foreign visitors, elicited an even more emphatic demand for fidelity to bedrock First Amendment principles.
[. . .]

The Sharia, Islam’s canon law, is traceable to Koranic verses and edicts (45:18, 42:13, 42:21, 5:48; 4:34, 5:33-34, 5:38, 8:12-14; 9:5, 9:29, 24:2-4), as further elaborated in the “hadith” -- the traditions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and the earliest Muslim community -- and codified into formal “legal” rulings by Islam’s greatest classical legists. Sharia is a retrogressive development compared with the evolution of clear distinctions between “ritual, the law, moral doctrine, good customs in society, etc.,” within Western European Christendom.
Sharia is utterly incompatible with the conceptions of human rights enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.


Shocking Polls Show What U.S. Muslims Think of U.S. Laws
JULY 1, 2016

Updated: Yazidi Woman Who Escaped Being ISIS Sex Slave Reveals Her Experiences

Posted July 2, 2016 5:48 PM ET; Last updated July 5, 2016 8:33 PM ET

Lamiya Aji Bashar, an 18-year-old Yazidi girl who escaped her Islamic State group enslavers.
Photo: AP

[Updated July 5, 2016 8:33 PM ET]
[From article]
The advertisement on the Telegram app is as chilling as it is incongruous: A girl for sale is “Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old…. Her price has reached $12,500 and she will be sold soon.”
The posting in Arabic appeared on an encrypted conversation along with ads for kittens, weapons and tactical gear. It was shared with the Associated Press by an activist with the minority Yazidi community, whose women and children are being held as sex slaves by the extremists.
While the Islamic State group is losing territory in its self-styled caliphate, it is tightening its grip on the estimated 3,000 women and girls held as sex slaves. In a fusion of ancient barbaric practices and modern technology, IS sells the women like chattel on smartphone apps and shares databases that contain their photographs and the names of their “owners” to prevent their escape through IS checkpoints. The fighters are assassinating smugglers who rescue the captives, just as funds to buy the women out of slavery are drying up.
The thousands of Yazidi women and children were taken prisoner in August 2014, when IS fighters overran their villages in northern Iraq with the aim to eliminate the Kurdish-speaking minority because of its ancient faith. Since then, Arab and Kurdish smugglers managed to free an average of 134 people a month. But by May, an IS crackdown reduced those numbers to just 39 in the last six weeks, according to figures provided by the Kurdistan regional government.
Mirza Danai, founder of the German-Iraqi aid organization Luftbrucke Irak, said in the last two or three months, escape has become more difficult and dangerous.Modal Trigger
“They register every slave, every person under their owner, and therefore if she escapes, every Daesh control or checkpoint, or security force — they know that this girl … has escaped from this owner,” he said, using the Arabic acronym for the group.
The AP has obtained a batch of 48 head shots of the captives, smuggled out of the IS-controlled region by an escapee, which people familiar with them say are similar to those in the extremists’ slave database and the smartphone apps.
Lamiya Aji Bashar tried to flee four times before finally escaping in March, racing to government-controlled territory with Islamic State group fighters in pursuit. A land mine exploded, killing her companions, 8-year-old Almas and Katherine, 20. She never learned their last names.
The explosion left Lamiya blind in her right eye, her face scarred by melted skin. Saved by the man who smuggled her out, she counts herself among the lucky.
“I managed in the end, thanks to God, I managed to get away from those infidels,” the 18-year-told the AP from a bed at her uncle’s home in the northern Iraqi town of Baadre. “Even if I had lost both eyes, it would have been worth it, because I have survived them.”
The Sunni extremists view the Yazidis as barely human. The Yazidi faith combines elements of Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion. Their pre-war population in Iraq was estimated around 500,000. Their number today is unknown.
Nadia Mourad, an escapee, has appeared before the US Congress and the European Parliament to appeal for international help.
“Daesh is proud of what it’s done to the Yazidis,” she said to Parliament. “They are being used as human shields. They are not allowed to escape or flee. Probably they will be assassinated. Where is the world in all this? Where is humanity?”
IS relies on encrypted apps to sell the women and girls, according to an activist who is documenting the transactions and asked not to be named for fear of his safety.
[. . .]

During more than a year of being passed from one militant to another, Bashar attempted to flee many times. On her fifth attempt, in March, she finally reached fighters in a Kurdish-controlled region.
Photo: AP

In addition to the posting for the 12-year-old in a group with hundreds of members, the AP viewed an ad on WhatsApp for a mother with a 3-year-old and a 7-month-old baby, with a price of $3,700. “She wants her owner to sell her,” read the posting, followed by a photo.
[. . .]
Like the Bible, some passages of the Quran implicitly condone slavery, which was widespread when the holy book emerged. It also allows men to have sex with both their wives and “those they possess with their right hands,” taken by interpreters to refer to female slaves.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, most Muslim scholars backed the banning of slavery, citing Quranic verses that say freeing them is a blessing. Some hard-liners, however, continued to insist that under Shariah, sex slavery must be permitted, though the Islamic State group is the first in the modern era to bring it into organized practice.
[. . .]
The odds of rescue, however, grow slimmer by the day. The smuggling networks that have freed the captives are being targeted by IS leaders, who are fighting to keep the Yazidis at nearly any cost, said Andrew Slater of the nonprofit group Yazda, which helps document crimes against the community and organizes refuge for those who have fled.
Kurdistan’s regional government had been reimbursing impoverished Yazidi families who paid up to $15,000 in fees to smugglers to rescue their relatives, or the ransoms demanded by individual fighters to give up the captives. But the Kurdish regional government no longer has the funds. For the past year, Kurdistan has been mired in an economic crisis brought on by the collapse of oil prices, a dispute with Iraq’s central government over revenues, and the fallout from the war against the Islamic State.
Even when IS retreats from towns like Ramadi or Fallujah, the missing girls are nowhere to be found.
“Rescues are slowing. They’re going to stop. People are running out of money, I have dozens of families who are tens of thousands of dollars in debt,” Slater said. “There are still thousands of women and kids in captivity but it’s getting harder and harder to get them out.”

Lamiya was abducted from the village of Kocho, near the town of Sinjar, in the summer of 2014. Her parents are presumed dead. Somewhere, she said, her 9-year-old sister Mayada remains captive. One photo she managed to send to the family shows the little girl standing in front of an IS flag.
Five other sisters all managed to escape and later were relocated to Germany. A younger brother, kept for months in an IS training camp in Mosul, also slipped away and is now staying with other relatives in Dahuk, a city in the Iraqi Kurdish region.
Sitting very still and speaking in a monotone, Lamiya recounted her captivity, describing how she was passed from one IS follower to another, all of whom beat and violated her. She was determined to escape.
She said her first “owner” was an Iraqi IS commander who went by the name Abu Mansour in the city of Raqqa, the de-facto IS capital deep in Syria. He brutalized her, often keeping her handcuffed.
[. . .]
She tried to run away twice but was caught, beaten and raped repeatedly. After a month, she said, she was sold to another IS extremist in Mosul. After she spent two months with him, she was sold again, this time to an IS bomb-maker who Lamiya said forced her to help him make suicide vests and car bombs.
“I tried to escape from him,” she said. “And he captured me, too, and he beat me.”
When the bomb-maker grew bored with her, she was handed over to an IS doctor in Hawija, a small IS-controlled Iraqi town. She said the doctor, who was the IS head of the town hospital, also abused her.


This is the face of the ISIS sex slave market
By Associated Press
New York Post
July 5, 2016 | 3:40pm

* * *

[Posted July 2, 2016 5:48 PM ET]

[From article]
When ISIS laid siege to the Yazidi villages that dot Iraq’s Mount Sinjar in 2014, members of the religious minority soon learned neighbors they’d known for generations were not their friends after all, according to one woman who was recently rescued after more than a year in the terrorist army’s clutches.
From the very first days of the August 2014 siege, the Yazidi community began to lose hope as they descended from their mountain home into a nightmare of misery and death. Muslim families they had lived side-by-side with for generations turned on them, “Zana,” a 32-year-old Yazidi woman whose freedom was purchased from ISIS in March, told FoxNews.com in a Skype interview from the Kurdish-run camp where she now lives.
"When ISIS came they said they didn’t want to fight us, they told us to give them our weapons,” Zana said. “We gave them everything we had – these were our Muslim neighbors. But so many of them had become ISIS and we didn’t know.”
In a story similar to that told by dozens of Yazidis, Zana recalled the day ISIS assaulted her village at the foot of Mount Sinjar. The elderly were summarily executed where they were found, she recalled. Men and women were separated, with older men dragged off to mosques where they were killed and females – including girls as young as 8 -- loaded onto cars and trucks bound for Mosul.
“ISIS took me, my sister, my brother’s wife and my little sister,” Zana recalled, her eyes filling with tears. “For 13 days, we were put in a school – we didn’t know what would happen. There were about 50 people – women and children – squashed into a room. There was no water for us to wash ourselves, the children were sick.”
Her nightmare was just starting.
Zana lied to her captors that she was married, thinking somehow it might spare her from their evil intentions. Her captors were unmoved, and she and dozens of others were taken to a well-guarded building in the Iraqi city of Telafar. Yazidi girls under the age of 14 were taken away to be sold at auction. The remaining women were soon introduced to ISIS fighters and told they were now their property and would accompany them to Syria.
ISIS justifies killing, raping and enslaving Yazidis by calling them “devil worshippers,” as their very ancient religion blends elements from all the Abrahamic faiths. Yazidi are ethnically Kurds, but follow a pre-Islamic faith. Of the 500,000 Yazidi in Iraq, more than 200,000 have been displaced or killed since the rise of ISIS, according to the United Nations.
Zana told FoxNews.com she managed to escape her quarters in the dead of the night, and related how she knocked on a stranger’s door to beg for help.
“I asked them, ‘Please give me a phone to call my relatives, I don’t need anything from you. I just want to call my relatives,’” she said.
The family refused to help her contact relatives, but made her work in their home for nearly a week, she said. Then, they turned her back over to her tormentors, she said.
“They called and said, ‘There is a girl who wants to escape, she is with us, come and take her,’” Zana said. “So ISIS came. And I cried.”
Her angry captors put her in a prison cell while an investigation was conducted into how she was able to escape. Days later, she was transferred to another facility in Telafar and forced to convert to Islam under threat of death, she said. She witnessed a dozen fellow Yazidi captives’ executions, punishment for their own escape attempts, she said.
Zana and another woman were given to a jihadist and sent to live with him in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul.
“He took me to his place, they were flats. Small tourist flats. It was a tourist community,” Zana said, her eyes cast down.
It was there, Zana said, that she was raped for the first time. For the next five months, she remained inside Mosul, handed off to another militant who locked her in a small room.
“I cooked for him, I washed his clothes, and I cleaned the house. I did everything,” Zana said. “But he became very aggressive if I didn’t do something just as wanted, and he would attack me.
“I told him that they might be killing our people now, but one day we will get to take our revenge,” she said.
In the ensuing months, Zana was passed along by a string of ISIS fighters from different Arab countries, and shuffled from city to city, including the ISIS capital of Raqqa, Syria. When she was sent to Iraq’s Anbar Province, west of Baghdad, she managed to lock eyes with a civilian woman.
“I whispered my number to her and said, ‘Please call me family,’” Zana recounted. “She told me not to worry. They knew a guy who could help rescue me.”
But rescue missions don’t come cheap, as rescuers often need to pay off local tribesmen or hatch elaborate plans to buy girls back from their captors. Scores of Yazidi families have gone into tremendous debt selling what little they have to liberate their stolen loved ones, but have received some assistance from the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the northern part of Iraq.
In Zana’s case, thousands of dollars were scrambled together and she was “bought” by a rescuer known to her family. On March 22, 2016, she was freed.
Now living in a sprawling camp for displaced Yazidi in the northern Iraq city of Duhok, which is part of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government, Zana feels the pain of loss and the scars of her ordeal. Both of her parents died at the hands of ISIS and her sisters were taken.
“It’s a tough situation,” she said. “But I’m still here.”


Escape from ISIS: Yazidi woman recounts life as a sex slave
By Hollie McKay
Published July 01, 2016 

Dozens Of Swedish Women Complain Of Sexual Assaults At Music Festival From Foreign Men

A police officer at a Bravalla Festival campsite in Norrkoping, Sweden, last weekend.
CreditIzabelle Nordfjell/TT News Agency, via Reuters

[From article]
The Swedish police said on Tuesday that they were investigating reports that dozens of young women and girls were sexually assaulted at two music festivals in Sweden last weekend.
The police said there had been five reports of rape and 12 reports of sexual molestation at the Bravalla Festival in Norrkoping, about 100 miles southwest of Stockholm, while 32 sexual assaults had been reported atPutte i Parken, a music festival in Karlstad, about 190 miles west of Stockholm.
Girls and women at the festival in Karlstad said they had been groped by boys and men, Inspector Leif Nystrom of the Karlstad Police Department said in a phone interview. Most were under 18 years old, and three were under 15.
“These were reports of women being touched in unwanted places, such as on their breasts and on their bottoms and inside their underwear,” he said.
The police have been examining seven suspects, six of them foreigners, whose ages range from under 18 to 35, Inspector Nystrom said; no arrests have been made.
[. . .]

The Swedish police have already been under scrutiny. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter accused the police of failing to publicize details about sexual assaults at a festival in Stockholm last summer until the newspaper drew attention to the episode. The newspaper also accused the authorities of failing to warn the public ahead of the festival that similar attacks had taken place in 2014 and suggested that the police were trying to avoid an anti-immigrant backlash.
In Germany, the police have been investigating reports of dozens of sexual assaults in the western city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The police said the attackers appeared to have “a North African or Arabic” appearance, heightening tensions over migrants.
Sweden and Germany have been among the most welcoming European countries for refugees. But in recent months, Sweden has been tightening its asylum rules.


Swedish Police Investigate Over 40 Reports of Rape and Groping at 2 Music Festivals
JULY 5, 2016

San Diego, CA Gentleman Wanted For Attacks on Homeless, Two Killed

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'Authorities in San Diego say there may be an assailant burning and attacking homeless people in their sleep.
Two men are dead and one is lying in a hospital bed with life-threatening injuries after a string of deadly attacks during a 25 hour period in San Diego County, authorities said.
On Sunday morning, police received several 911 calls from witnesses saying they saw a man on fire, running down the train tracks alongside Interstate 5, according to CNN affiliate KSWB. The charred body of a male was later found so badly burned that authorities couldn't tell whether he had suffered any trauma prior to being set ablaze, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Lee Swanson said. At about the same time, witnesses reported seeing another man in his late 40s to early 50s darting across the freeway away from the train tracks carrying a gas can, said Lt. Manny Del Toro with the San Diego Police.
Two similarly brutal attacks took place early Monday morning, police say.
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This isn't the first time San Diego County has seen violence targeting homeless and transient populations. Earlier this year, two brothers and a female teenager were accused of fatally beating a homeless man in El Cajon after one of the brothers allegedly got into a fight with some other homeless people in the area.


Man targets homeless, attacks 3 and kills 2 in San Diego, authorities say
Artemis Moshtaghian
Updated 3:54 PM ET, Tue July 5, 2016

Judicial Watch Calls For Prosecution Of Candidate Clinton For Criminal Acts

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FBI Director James Comey detailed Hillary Clinton’s massive destruction of government records and grossly negligent handling of classified information. Frankly, there’s a disconnect between Comey’s devastating findings and his weak recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Federal prosecutors, independent of politics, need to consider whether to pursue the potential violations of law confirmed by the FBI.
Judicial Watch helped break open the Clinton email scandal and, in the meantime, will independently continue its groundbreaking litigation and investigation.


Judicial Watch Statement on Decision by FBI Director James Comey Not to Recommend Indictment of Hillary Clinton
JULY 05, 2016

July 3, 2016

Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, Author, University Professor, Human Rights Activist, Dead at 87

Elie Wiesel, pictured in 2009.
Photo: AP

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Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, prolific author and outspoken activist Elie Wiesel died Saturday at the age of 87. Wiesel was perhaps best known for his major role in promoting Holocaust education, and for perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust in the post-World War II era with his memoir “Night,” based on his experience as a teenager in the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Eliezer “Elie” Wiesel was born on September 30, 1928 in the Romanian town of Sighet, to Sarah and Shlomo Wiesel.
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The Wiesel family’s lives were seriously disrupted in 1940, when Hungary annexed Sighet and all the Jews in town were forced to move into one of two ghettoes. In May 1944, the Nazis, with Hungary’s agreement, deported the Jewish community of Sighet to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The teenage Wiesel was sent with his father Shlomo to the Buna Werke labor camp, a sub-camp of Auschwitz III-Monowitz, where they were forced to work for eight months before being transferred to a series of other concentration camps near the war’s end.
The malnourished and dysentery-stricken Shlomo Wiesel died after receiving a beating from a German soldier on January 29, 1945, several weeks after he and Elie were forced-marched to the Buchenwald camp. Wiesel’s mother Sarah and younger sister Tzipora also perished in the Holocaust. He would later recount those and other events in his 1955 memoir “Night.”
After the war, Wiesel was sent with other young survivors by the French Jewish humanitarian organization Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants to an orphanage in Écouis, France. He lived for several years at the home, where he was reunited with the only surviving members of his immediate family: his older sisters Beatrice and Hilda.
In 1948, the 20-year-old Wiesel pursued studies in literature, philosophy and psychology at the Sorbonne, but never completed them.
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In 1948, he translated Hebrew articles into Yiddish for Israel’s pre-state Irgun militia. Wiesel visited the nascent State of Israel in 1949 as a foreign correspondent for the French newspaper L’arche. He was subsequently hired by the daily Yedioth Ahronoth as its Paris correspondent, and also worked for the paper as a roving correspondent abroad. He also covered the 1961 trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann for the New York-based Yiddish newspaper The Forward.
It was during his time in Paris that Wiesel was said to have studied with a mysterious and renowned Jewish scholar known simply as Monsieur Chouchani (also spelled Shushani in certain sources) after meeting him at a synagogue. Wiesel described Chouchani in an article in Yedioth Ahronoth as “a modern legend,” and after the man’s death, went on to pay for his tombstone in Montevideo, Uruguay, and wrote his epitaph: “The wise Rabbi Chouchani of blessed memory. His birth and his life are sealed in enigma.”
Despite or perhaps because of the major traumatic impact the Holocaust had on his life, Wiesel did not write about those experiences until encouraged to do so during a conversation with French Nobel Laureate for Literature Francois Mauriac, in 1954. The original version of his first memoir was over 800 pages, written in Yiddish and entitled “Un di velt hot geshvign” (“And the World Remained Silent”). He wrote a much shorter version in French, published in 1958 as “La Nuit” and it was translated into English as “Night,” two years later. Despite, its eventual popularity, “Night” sold less than 2,000 copies in its first 18 months in the United States. However, the book did attract much attention among reviewers and created a higher media profile for Wiesel; it has gone on to sell more than six million copies.
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The book now appears in 30 languages.
“Night” would form the first part of Holocaust memoir trilogy that would include “Dawn” and “Day.” All told Wiesel wrote more than 40 works of nonfiction and fiction, including “A Passover Haggadah” and “Wise Men and Their Tales: Portraits of Biblical, Talmudic, and Hasidic Masters.”
In 1955, Wiesel moved to New York to cover the United Nations. During his time in the city he was hit by a taxi, requiring a prolonged convalescence in the hospital. Following his recovery, Wiesel applied for permanent residency and in 1963 became a U.S. citizen; this was the first citizenship he held since becoming stateless during the Holocaust.
A longtime bachelor, Wiesel eventually met his wife to-be, divorced Austrian Holocaust survivor Marion Rose, in New York. They married in Jerusalem in 1969. Marion served as the English translator for Wiesel’s subsequent books.
The world-renowned Holocaust survivor received numerous awards and honors over the years,
[. . .]
and he was knighted as Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Perhaps the highest honor of all was the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for his role in speaking out against violence, repression and racism. Wiesel was also the recipient of over 100 honorary doctorates, and received France’s distinguished Prix Medicis for his 1968 book “A Beggar in Jerusalem,” describing the Jewish response to the reunification of Jerusalem following the Six-Day War.
In Israel, [. . .] Shimon Peres [. . .] would later award Wiesel the President’s Medal of Distinction in 2013.
Despite his life experiences, Wiesel was not without a sense of humor, which he displayed, for example, when given the World Jewish Congress’ Theodor Herzl Award by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2013. “There were two great men in Europe at that time: Herzl and Freud,” Wiesel was quoted as saying, by The Forward. “Luckily they never met. Just imagine Herzl knocking on the door of Dr. Freud: ‘I had a dream.’ Freud would have said, ‘Sit down. Tell me about your mother.’”
In addition to his writing, Wiesel enjoyed a second career as an academic. From 1972 to 1976, he was professor of Judaic Studies at the City University of New York. Thereafter, he was Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at Boston University, and a member of both its philosophy and religion departments. Wiesel was Henry Luce Visiting Scholar in Humanities and Social Thought at Yale University (1982-83), and visiting professor of Judaic studies at Barnard College of Columbia University from 1997 to 1999.

He moved to the U.S. in the 1950 and in 1978, President Jimmy Carter appointed Wiesel as Chairman of the President's Commission on the Holocaust.

It can be said, however, that Elie Wiesel was best known for his role in keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust and for promoting Holocaust education. Over the years, he spoke of these subjects innumerable times, before countless audiences, around the globe.
In 1978, U.S. President Jimmy Carter appointed him as chairman of the Presidential Commission on the Holocaust (later renamed the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council), a role in which he served until 1986. In that capacity, Wiesel became a major, driving force behind the establishment of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. His words, “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness” are engraved in stone at the entrance to the museum.
In 1986, after receiving the Nobel, he and his wife established the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity to combat intolerance and injustice around the world through dialogue in general, and via programs for youth. The following year Wiesel served as a witness during the trial of war criminal Klaus Barbie in Lyons, France, during which he spoke of his bitter experiences in Auschwitz.
In 2003, Romanian President Ion Iliescu appointed Wiesel to lead the International Commission for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania. This group, later referred to as the Wiesel Commission, was tasked with setting the record straight regarding the involvement of Romania’s fascist Iron Guard regime in Holocaust atrocities against Jews, Roma and others. The Romanian government recognized the commission’s findings, as published in 2004, including the assessment that between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews and over 11,000 Roma died during World War II as result of policies advanced by the Romanian authorities.
Following the commission’s work, the Romanian government also decided to mark October 9 – the day in 1941 that Romanian Jews were deported to ghettos and forced labor camps – as the country's annual day for commemorating the Holocaust.
In 2012, Wiesel gave back the Grand Cross Order of Merit award he had received from Hungary in 2009, in protest of what he called the “whitewashing of tragic and criminal episodes” that happened in that country during the Holocaust.
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Also in the latter years of his life, Wiesel was in the headlines for an entirely unrelated reason: as one of the more prominent victims of Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity lost $15.2 million it had invested with Madoff, and the Wiesels lost their own life's savings, reported to be around $1 million. The foundation later managed to raise about one-third of the money it lost to Madoff from sympathetic donors, and to continue to function. When asked to describe Madoff by a New York Times journalist, Wiesel said, “Psychopath – it’s too nice a word for him.”
Elie Wiesel was noted during his lifetime for using his celebrity appeal to promote Holocaust remembrance, but also to speak out on various political issues, including instances of genocide around the world. In September 2006, for example, he appeared with Hollywood actor George Clooney before the UN Security Council to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. In 2007, the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity issued a letter criticizing the denial of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks; it was signed by Wiesel and 52 other Nobel laureates.
Wiesel was concerned about human rights in general, serving on the International Council of the Human Rights Foundation and he spoke out against South African apartheid, Argentina’s policy of “disappearing” people during its Dirty War, and the Bosnian genocide during the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. In 2010, he came out publicly against the Netanyahu government’s decision to deport 400 children of migrant workers from Israel. Weisel was an advocate when it came to a host of Jewish issues, and in particular was stridently pro-Israel. Following a visit to the Soviet Union in 1965, he wrote about the plight of Soviet Jews in a book called “The Jews of Silence,” and spoke out in favor of the struggle to allow them to emigrate; he was also a vocal supporter of the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. In April 2010, he took out advertisements in four major newspapers, criticizing the Obama administration for pressuring the Netanyahu government to halt construction in Jewish neighborhoods located across the Green Line in East Jerusalem. Wiesel repeated that tactic in 2013 when he took out a full-page ad in The New York Times calling on the U.S. administration to demand the total dismantling of the nuclear infrastructure in Iran because that country had called for Israel’s destruction.

Wiesel (circled in red) was a victim of the death camps in Poland, including Buchenwald and Auschwitz.

In a 2012 interview with Haaretz, Wiesel said he would bequeath the archive of his writings to Boston University, where he had taught for decades. Wiesel is survived by his wife Marion, their son Shlomo Elisha Wiesel, and his stepdaughter Jennifer and two grandchildren


Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
Author and human rights activist made perpetuating the memory of the Shoah his life's work.
By Ronen Shnidman
Jul 02, 2016

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wiesel was "a powerful force for light, truth and dignity."
Born in Romania in 1928, Wiesel wrote extensively about his experiences as a teenager in the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Buna during World War II.


Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
Published July 02, 2016